GWJ 2 Star Season 3 - Week 3

=============== Buffalo Bulls (2-0) ===============
Last week, Buffalo won 38-13 against Connecticut (0-2).
This week, the Bulls will host Arkansas State (0-1).
In recruiting news, the following Buffalo targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Matt Thomas has committed to Buffalo

=============== Eastern Michigan Eagles (1-0) ===============
Last week, Eastern Michigan won 28-21 against Oregon (0-1).
This week, the Eagles will host UCF (1-0).

=============== Nevada Wolf Pack (0-1) ===============
Last week the Wolf Pack were idle.
This week, the Wolf Pack will host Hawai'i (1-1).

=============== Northern Illinois Huskies (1-0) ===============
Last week the Huskies were idle.
This week, the Huskies travel to El Paso to face the UTEP Miners (1-0).

=============== UTEP Miners (1-0) ===============
Last week, UTEP won 101-24 against Utah State (0-1).
This week, the Miners will host Northern Illinois (1-0).
In recruiting news, the following UTEP targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) CB Eddie Bonner has committed to UTEP

Buffalo rolls Arkansas State on their way to a 3-0 start.

EMU defeats UCF. Close game at the half but UCF's defense collapsed and couldn't stop the run.

in recruiting, EMU landed it's first ever 4* player. booooooya

Watch out next time you visit Reno.

Same message as in the BCS thread, so I apologize for the copy/paste.

Can you guys drop me? I'm going dark on online gaming for a while so I can focus on weight loss and other things that are more important. I'll check out NCAA 12 when it comes out and see if I'm up for more NCAA. I'm in year 10 of my own offline dynasty so I'm well burned out now I realized.

Good luck, DS!

Like I didn't say in the BCS thread, Pizza, Beer, Sitting on your ass, you'll be dragging ass in no time!

Good luck again though

Any news?

fire is on vacation for another 2-3 days I think and Handsome has been MIA for awhile.

Well, if Handsome pops in and says hi by the time I get home, I will hold off till Fire gets back. If not, I will sim their game and get us moving again. Fire gave his blessing before he left.