RIFT Father's Day Sale - 9.99 USD This weekend

Just got that in a lovely email from Trion Worlds this morning.

The full game (regular boring white-bread edition) for $9.99 USD and the Collectors (ultra-super mega awesome edition) is $16.99 USD now until 6/19/11 (that's this coming Sunday)

The trial's fun enough so I think I'll be grabbing this ASAP.


This seems to be a TRIAL upgrade to the full game for super cheap. The slightly less cheap version can be found here

It's 24.99 USD for the Standard and 31.99 for the Collectors. Still a good deal. Though if you have a trial account, the upgrade should work. I think.

Looks like that sale price doesn't include the first month of game time, though, so the actual cost for the trial upgrade and the first month is $24.98, assuming you subscribe monthly. so, you save a penny. Pretty sneaky, sis.

Time to get a nightmare mount!

Son of a...after I just bought the discountet version for $20 like 2 weeks ago.

Ah well, the game is fun. It's a shallow and generic WoW-MMO, but it tries really hard for you to like it, and that goes really far with me.

UPDATE: Even at $25, it's worth the price. Between this, WoW, and LoTRO (and of course the upcoming free-to-play version of AoC), I'm all set until TOR shows up. Also, that's a lot of acronyms.