GWJ Madden League 2.0 (XBox 360): Season II Week 6

Yea man im ok with it bro peace ALC

The Bills are getting hit hard with the injury bug this season so...thats the reason for all of the trades...

Ill get on and review both trades and then ill post my thoughts.

I think the redskins/bills trade is ok, but i vote no on the san fran trade

ZellbrigeN26 wrote:

i was talking to stark...he plans on playing tomorrow.

He get stll planning on tonight or Sunday

I've been away for the weekend back now. Will play it tonight


Hey onewild, once the league rolls when would you like to play our game?

This is atucally a good week for me to be playing a human as I'm on holiday until Thursday and even then I don't start work till 5pm so I can play any night.

League rolls tomorrow

all games are played

League is rolled...I will get the new forum up today