Augmented Reality Gaming Catch All

I searched and the only thread on this had link to a cute kitten video, so I'm making a new one.

The Sonly Vita made me think of this, though the 3ds, obviously, and phones had this going long ago.

It seems like a boon for tabletop RPGS. Meet with your friends face to face. Don't carry a bag of dice to loose, don't carry a backpack full of books, don't carry fifty pounds of lead figures. Watch animations of fights and movement. Its intriguing in the same way that the microsoft surface was for the same.

On a bit more philosophical note, I expect that once AR is integrated with us, lets say, "cybernetically", I expect people to start going around and living their real lives in a fantastic augmentation of the real world. Roll in some gamification and your AR could translate your Q2 reports (fictional nonsensical) due for the client at the end of the week, into the wait time on your next character upgrade; something like training skills offline in EVE.

It's a neat idea, but that prototype makes it pretty clear to me why nVidia only makes devices that are hidden deep inside a computer. Maybe Sony or MS will pick this up.