Defiance: new blend of MMO

I enjoyed the first game and would go back to it occasionally, and my first thought upon seeing this was still... why?!

Its for me - So I can play it on the TV bigscreen on my PS4 or Xbox One, which I'd really like,

Glad to see I can play it on my Xbox One. I stopped playing when I got the Xbone and retired my 360 so looking forward to playing it this summer.

Anyone picked this up since the 2050 launch? After years of wanting to pick it up I've given it a bash tonight for an hour. So far it's pretty cool. Shooting feels snappy and I like the early game quest structure. When multiple players go into an area they work together, but when the event ends it pops up a leaderboard which is quite a funny idea.

I downloaded it but they were having some server updates going so I did not get a chance to try it yet. Hope to this weekend.

Played a bit more after my initial post. Probably old news to people who have played before, but it seems an odd duck to me.

Very good, snappy third person shooting in a very traditional MMO structure. By EGO level 3 it's becoming clear I need to play my class, Assassin, more intelligently. So there's definite depth here. Also tried with the controller, but doesn't feel so great. I'm spoiled by Warframe.

I don't see it supplanting anything in my roster on a permanent basis, but it's a nice palate cleanser.

I remember having a bit of fun when it launched but I can't remember why I stopped playing.

There is a 7 day XP boost you can get free at

karmajay wrote:

I remember having a bit of fun when it launched but I can't remember why I stopped playing.

Probably like most people at that time. Lack of end game content and hackers.

Fired it up I was EGO level 590 whatever that means. A lot of content I never got to. Mechanics are ok but the story stuff seems fun! I'll probably play it a bit more when I have time