GWJ 2Star 2.0 - Bowl Season and Offseason

It actually shows us ready to roll. Have you not done your week 2 recruiting?

Leroyog wrote:

It actually shows us ready to roll. Have you not done your week 2 recruiting?

I did mine. I'm ready.

rolling in a few moments

NIU is ready. I'm probably only fighting over a few 2* players, realistically. There are a few 3* players I have an outside shot at. Oh, and another 4* WR has me listed as #3. If I grab him, that would make 5 4* receivers in one class.

Hey....shut up.

I nabbed 2 more 2* players and am figthing Michigan for a 3*HB. He's already soft committed there though so I'm pretty much done recruiting. There is 0 interest left for EMU through out the recruiting world.

Also, I hit my 1K and get a title thingy. Give your nominations please.

Rolled it

NIU is done. Still in the hunt for a 3* guard and that 4* WR.

Buffalo is ready to roll.

Handsom and Fire are not greened up. What up wit dat?

Leroyog wrote:

Handsom and Fire are not greened up. What up wit dat?

Haven't had a chance to log into the console and push the button. I'm done, as I mentioned above.

Ok, I just wanted to be sure since you said you are hunting other players.

I'm go for launch.

Rolling in a moment

take that back. handsome is MIA this week.

Stop looking so good and do your recruiting

Read above...?


I shouldn't try to commish when I've had a few ginger ales. ....

I will roll in as soon as I can. I'm doing something extremely dirty.....I'm installing Final Fantasy XI on my Xbox. I KNOW I KNOW!!!!


NIU is done. Doubtful I get anyone meaningful at this point.

How we lookin Handsome and Counselor?

I'm ready. I don't have any more scholarships, so I won't be using my time this week.

Coo. I'm done with recruiting myself as well. Handsome, you got any body you're hunting after still? If not, I can just advance us to change positions.


I think we can go ahead on this one. I just need a kicker, but don't have any interested, so I think I'm destined for a walk-on anyway.

Feel free to roll on.

Player Changes is up!

Man, it's going to be an interesting year. Freshmen are starting at FS, MLB, WR (x4), and HB. While I don't have super highly rated players at any position, I have a lot of depth in some of the skill positions. My top 4 HBs are all rated about the same, and my top 6 WRs are all about the same. I'm still ugly on the O line and CB. LBs are sub-par, but they did fine last season. My SS that started as a 58-rated freshman is now up to about 69! He's speedy and plays well, even if his rating doesn't say so. I lost him for the season in that first game of my 2-game MAC losing streak. That took awhile to come to grips with, as his replacement was a SLOW LB convert.

QB position is solid. My starter from last season is now a sophomore, so be prepared. He's now got some quality WRs, TEs, and HBs backing him up. If he can stay on his feet, he might be good. I may have to run the run-and-shoot from SMU or at the very least a 1-back offense. Definitely not sticking with "Multiple" this time around.

Cut players!


I'm not even redshirting anymore.

I haven't looked yet but I'm sure I've got cuts to do, I got 10 or 12 D-linemen last year.

I'll get'em done tonight after work.

NO rush, I'm going to the Tigers game tonight. When I get home, I'll roll it.

Geez, Leroy. The Tigers aren't winning the pennant, so skip the game and roll the league at the first available moment.

I won't be home to do anything about it, but you need to show more dedication.