NCAA 11 GWJBCS (Xbox 360): Year 3 Championship Week, Bowl Season and Off-Season

BSU is done. It doesn't look like I'm going to get any more recruits, but that's OK.

LSU is ready.

Rutgers is done with Week 4.

Waiting on Redhwk!

So Shag and I have a private league that we tool around with in our spare time. We just started Season 4, and I added my recruits. One recruit definitely stuck out..................

His parents are tools, lol.


shag26 wrote:

Waiting on Redhwk!



Moved on to Week 5!

WooHoo! Nice to get some quality players so late in the game with 4* QB, WR, and OLB commits!

ND is done with week 5 recruiting...let's go!

Pitt is done. Nothing else to report.

lsu is the same



Hit an Advisor with WR Jeremy Johnson......................I am listed as 3rd, but pretty much tied with 3 other schools. I posted 1012 points on a 6 topic phone call. If that doesn't bring him in, I don't know what will

I got my 1k post. Give your nominations.

Rutgers is done with Week 5.

Leroyog wrote:

I got my 1k post. Give your nominations. :)

Grats!!! I will suggest a few

Well, NCAA 12 team ratings were revealed. It'll be nice to have a decent defense again.

ROFL!! They gave Michigan a B+ rating on defense. Apparently having one of the absolute worst defenses doesn't mean squat when you get a new coach.

We are on to Position Changes. After that we will roll through to the cut players.

Rutgers is ready!!!!


3 down 7 to go!


and done. Goodness my defense is going to be atrocious next year.

I'm done. I'm going to have a young offense next year.

Waiting on Hansom.

After that we roll on to cutting players.


And I don't think I need to cut. I'm pretty sure I'm under the roster limit. Feel free to peek in at my time (assuming you have those powers) and moving on if so.


I'll get mine done today/tonight.

EDIT: oops, I thought you rolled already.

firesloth wrote:

I'll get mine done today/tonight.

EDIT: oops, I thought you rolled already.

I am rolling tonight. After the kids fall asleep watching Yo Gabba Gabba