Let's talk about this laptop

SO I'm leaning towards picking up this little ditty of a laptop. It looks like it fulfills all of my requirements:

1. It's powerful.
2. Under $1500.
3. Since I'm also going to use it for work, it can't look like a giant candy bar disco party (hello Alienware).
4. It's not too heavy (The Toshiba Qosimo is 2 lbs heavier)
5. 1920x1080p
6. Full keyboard.
7. No Sandy Bridge chip problems.

So other than the financial hit, is there anything I'm missing here? I just wanted to run this laptop by you gentle scholars before taking the plunge.

I hate that back hinge... hate it with a passion.. thats a complete non-starter for me. Looks like something from the old Compaq Orange Gas Plasma lugabouts.

nice specs though for $1399