Project Zomboid

Last time I played you couldn't drive cars. Now you can drive over zombies with cars!

Cars can be complicated to maintain. It’s not Dwarf Fortress but it’s a lot. Ive only ever found on set of keys I think, too, so the simulation is pretty rich.

Put some time into Zomboid over the weekend and I gotta say I'm mighty impressed.

I know it's been around forever but I had no clue it was a super hardcore simulator. For some reason I thought it was more of an action Robotron w/zombies type affair.

But man, this thing is the real deal. I love games with a lot of crunch and this thing has it in spades. It's crazy how many systems running under the hood. Health, crafting, zombie awareness states, skill trees, heat/cold temps., player stress & boredom...there's just a million things going on at once.

For example one neat touch I found was treating a wound one time. I got scratched on my arm so I ripped up a bed sheet to make bandage strips. Wrapped up my arm and moved on, hoping for the best. Few in-game hours later I checked my health and it said the bandage was actually dirty. So my wound stopped healing and I was at risk for infection. I could replace the bandage with a new one or even in a pinch take off the old one, rinse it clean with a local water source and reapply. Of course I didn't even know at the time that you could sterilize the bandage with found disinfectant before application (duh).

Damn, I love this kind of minutia in games. Where subsystems and depth take priority over graphic fidelity. Guess that's why I'm such a fanboy for the likes of RimWorld and CK2. Ironically I actually quite dig the visuals in Project Zomboid. They make me feel all nostalgic 'cause they look so much like Sims 1.

Very pleased with the game so far. Still can't believe that I slept on it for so long, thinking it was a completely different genre & experience.

Anyone have a good Let's Play or maybe quick start guide video they would recommend? I'm interested in this but system heavy games can be hit or miss for me so I'd like to see what I'm getting into before I buy.

I've been watching Mathas' playthroughs.

He's been playing the game since before it even launched on Steam in EA.

I guess he just picked it back up and has done a couple runs over the past 2 weeks.

The first few episodes do a lot of tutorializing.

He's a great streamer as he narrates the characters story on the fly while he's playing.

I knew I was in love with the game when the tutorial shows you how to cure the disease.

I also think it’s a trip that when you die and start a new character in the same instance, you can go find your last character, risen from the dead. Also, I haven’t tried any scenarios other than the default, but you can start six months into the zombie outbreak when most of the perishable food is spoiled and most buildings are looted and the zombies are a little faster and there are more of them. If you last long enough starting from the default scenario you’ll get there anyway.

Which is to say: systems ftw.

Arise ye!

Played Project Zomboid’s “IWBUMS” beta version (“I Will Back Up My Save”) and about 10 minutes in got scratched. And in that game, unless you’ve got lots of resources , you’re toast in that situation.

There was no medicine, no spare clothes, no sheets, no rags to make bandages with. And the mode I chose was supposedly for a chill experience, but there were lots of fairly perceptive zombies in clusters around the neighborhood.

In the end, I flustered when attacked by two of them, forgot my controls, and got taken down. I waited for the sweet release of death. Curiously, the game stopped before I rose up. I guess they don't do that in the beta version.