Post a Picture of Your Silly Purchase of the Month.

Don't you mean another list?

That's what a fake name and Starbucks gift cards purchased with cash are for.

Heh, like you weren't already.

Yah. Shivgee has got to have put Paleo on a few lists and years ago

I mentioned to a lockpicking friend of mine that I needed a quality short rake because none of my sets have anything smaller than a four toothed wave rake and he suggested these from customlockpicks dot com. I laughed my ass off, but he swears they are actually surprisingly effective and not just a silly gimmick. May not be fully work safe.

I am actually thinking of getting them despite how much of an idiot they would make me seem.

The "DickPick" by Cocolitos

Working from home in a lazy boy chair wasn't enough. I wanted something to hold the laptop away from my lap. So I got this. Basically a swivel desk that fits right over my recliner. So far so good for what it is. Will see how it work over the rest of the week. Will need something to help keep the laptop in place though.


Where'd you get it, for how much, and what made you decide on that one?

How are you going to type? A separate keyboard in your lap?

I got it from amazon for 100$: Link

That said I think they ran out it. I found what looks like the exact same thing on walmart:

The amazon link is better if you want video. I picked this one cause it was very adjustable and not on wheels. Almost all the other brands use wheels which won't fit under my reclines. This goes right under. Not planning to use a separate keyboard. it tilts enough that I can use the laptop keyboard. Basically the same as it being on my lap but without the heat causing me to sweat.

It is very spoiled of me but I work from my recliner most days and I was actually sweating from the laptop. I got a much cheaper cooling pad but they were clunky and comfortable. While barely cooling. My hope this will be lot more comfy. It does need tweaking so it doesn't slide as much. Did add a big mouse pad I had mat I had. Which helps a lot but still needs a bit more. Probable add some foam bar at the bottom.