Post a Picture of Your Silly Purchase of the Month.

Orphu wrote:

3D printed counts as "Handmade item?"

In the Etsy vernacular, it's to distinguish it from a vintage item or strictly retail item.

Talking with the Racing Dorks about why there is so much watch advertising in racing made me jokingly say Timex should start doing it, which reminded me of this watch I had as a kid, then I saw that you could still buy it and here we are.


I was on a business trip with a guy who described himself as a "watch afficionado". Has spent upwards of $30k on watches in the last decade. He went on and on about this shop he found in the mall above Tokyo station that had obscenely priced watches in it.

I can only assume he watches (hah!) a lot of F1.

I think the real answer is that F1's fanbase runs old, dude and rich (c.f. tobacco advertising back in the day). Same reason you still see luxury watches advertised in airplane magazines. Those wankers in the front in business class have money to burn.

Thinking a little more, race locations like Monte Carlo are tailor-made for advertising obscenely priced luxury goods.