Any technical or web content writers in the house?

I'm finishing up a contract as a web content writer and will soon be in the market for a new job. I was wondering if there were any other GWJ writers in the IT industry who could give me some advice. Specifically, just how technical do I have to be to find work nowadays?

I have a strong communications background, having worked in journalism/PR before going into tech. I also have decent Web design skills and strong experience creating help docs and online user docs. Despite this, I'm having problems finding jobs in the Seattle area. I find plenty of tech writer jobs that require computer engineering experience.

I've been working on studying C++ programming, but at heart I'm still a creative type who prefers writing for consumers rather than other engineers. If I wanted to be a developer, then I would have studied computer engineering in school. I'm completely ok with not making the six figure salaries the top devs do because that's not my strength or passion. But it's hard to see tech writer positions paying $40-50K where they expect top notch writing experience AND several years of programming experience.