2011 Summer TF2 Tournament, aka SOME LIKE IT HOT!

Gonna be my first time signing up for one of these. But FYI, I won't be near a computer the week leading up to July 4th.

I won't be able to play the first week and a half of July, I'll be out of the country on vacation, but count me in.

ok. I'm in.

Stolen from the twitter thread... but it made me think of our "Over 9000" players...

So, are we still thinking about doing this?

If so I would like to un-volunteer as captain. We have enough people volunteering and my time as of late is becoming more and more limited, bleh.

Well, at this point it seems rather dead. I think people were pretty burned out, so I can understand it.

I may resurrect this thread come fall.

Well, after the 19th of July I am back from holidays.... resurrect it then please