LeBron Documentary: More than a Game on Netflix

Has anybody else seen the documentary on LeBron's high school teammates titled "More than a Game?"

I immediately flipped and started rooting for him and the Heat after seeing it on Netflix as it gave me a sense of 'why' he did what he did to the Cleveland fans.

How he announced the "decision" and some of his comments after were a bit childish, but for him it looks as if who he's with is much more important than where.

My favorite part happens during their freshman year's State Championship game, but I'll leave it as a surprise in case anyone ends up watching it.

It's a good movie and it does give you a good sense of who LeBron really is. I think "The Decision" was ridiculous and ill-conceived, but it's clear from this movie (I saw it in the theater, that's what a hoops geek I am) that he cares more about hanging with friends and playing hoops at a high level more than anything else.

I didn't even know it was in the theater! I agree about the Decision being a horrible decision.