GWJ2STAR 3.0 - Week 10

Welcome to Week 10!

And the week rolls on!

=============== Buffalo Bulls (5-3) ===============
Last week, Buffalo won 31-13 against Ohio (2-6).
This week, the Bulls will host Miami University (2-6).
In recruiting news, the following Buffalo targets have announced their decisions:
- (****) CB Tramaine Ernst has committed to Northern Illinois

=============== Eastern Michigan Eagles (6-3) ===============
Last week, Eastern Michigan won 38-7 against Army (1-6).
This week, the Eagles travel to Kalamazoo to face the Western Michigan Broncos (4-4).
In recruiting news, the following Eastern Michigan targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) SS Patrick Ross has committed to Michigan State
- (***) ROLB Patrick Hill has committed to Syracuse
- (***) RE Mike Blanchard has committed to Northern Illinois

=============== Marshall Thundering Herd (3-4) ===============
Last week, Marshall lost 37-7 against Houston (6-0).
This week, the Thundering Herd travel to Hattiesburg to face the Southern Miss Golden Eagles (4-4).
In recruiting news, the following Marshall targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Shannon McBride has committed to Bowling Green
- (***) WR Brett House has committed to Maryland
- (*) FB Michael Bradford has committed to Connecticut
- (***) RG Mike Joseph has committed to Temple
- (*****) FB Jon Murray has committed to Florida

=============== Northern Illinois Huskies (5-2) ===============
Last week, Northern Illinois lost 15-14 against Ball State (2-6).
This week, the Huskies will host Central Michigan (6-1).
In recruiting news, the following Northern Illinois targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) RE Mike Blanchard has committed to Northern Illinois
- (***) SS Patrick Ross has committed to Michigan State
- (****) WR Roy Ridgeway has committed to Northern Illinois
- (****) CB Tramaine Ernst has committed to Northern Illinois

=============== San Diego State Aztecs (5-3) ===============
Last week, San Diego State won 31-13 against BYU (6-3).
This week, the Aztecs travel to Salt Lake City to face the #11 Utah Utes (8-0).
In recruiting news, the following San Diego State targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) LG Kendall Clark has committed to San Diego State

=============== SMU Mustangs (4-4) ===============
Last week, SMU won 30-14 against Tulsa (1-8).
This week, the Mustangs travel to Houston to face the Rice Owls (3-5).
In recruiting news, the following SMU targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) SS Adam Bostic has committed to Nebraska
- (****) CB Chris Koch has committed to SMU
- (****) CB Eric Greenwood has committed to SMU

=============== UTEP Miners (3-6) ===============
Last week, UTEP won 29-21 against Rice (3-5).
This week, the Miners travel to Tulsa to face the Tulsa Golden Hurricane (1-8).
In recruiting news, the following UTEP targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) WR Nick Nelson has committed to Colorado State
- (***) CB Chad Heinz has committed to Colorado
- (****) WR Stephen Lewis has committed to UTEP

[email protected] the "rolled" link in the last thread. I got kitty catted.

Damn, I was really hoping to steal Ernst.

I got Cat-Rolled too! You should make a Zach Line T-Shirt! I loved using Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl or Dave Duerson on defense with the Bears!!

Kendall Willis!!!!!!

Yeah, he isn't a real player but I had him for 3 seasons in my offline dynasty. Think Adrian Peterson only better. Guy was ridiculous.

Leroyog wrote:

[email protected] the "rolled" link in the last thread. I got kitty catted.

I was in a good mood becasue I am finally getting Zach Line back. And tonight he went out again. But I think he will be back for next week's game.

It didn't matter, as SMU rolled over rice 38-7, rushing for 290 yards. Line had 73 yards on 10 carries when he went out. At this point, he might be my favorite running back I have ever used in a football game. Better than Earl Campbell in APFB 2K8 and and Christian Okoye in Tecmo Bowl.

Okay, I'm sick of the 4th quarter in this game. I lost my game last night, 25-23. CMU scored 18 points in the 4th, scoring their final TD with under a minute to go. I missed a 48 yard FG as time ran out...missed it short. It seemed like a make-able one.

Their D linemen really did a number of my O-line, which I came to grips with. It just all broke down in the 4th, just like the last game. Ugh, frustration. Of the 38 points scored against my team in the last two games (both losses), 30 have come in the 4th quarter. One of the TDs last night came with a double-covered WR catching a ball that the CB in the foreground should have swatted down.

I could have played better, certainly -- in my 4 redzone trips, I settled for 3 FGs and only 1 TD. But, I also caused 3 turnovers to only 1 on my part.

Ugh. Frustration. Here's hoping I can salvage my season by winning out, but it's a long road for me.

This just came to me at 4am Hawaii time as you all had me thinking about my favorite offline player "Erik Justice", HB out of Penn State (my first recruit once I was hired there after a 13-0 SDSU season in the first dynasty I played on NCAA 11).

For the '12 game and our 2-star dynasty, I'm thinking of a way to involve the "Coaching Carousel" in the online dynasty (unless EA simply offers it).

I wanted it to be realistic and challenging, so here are some ideas of rules/points systems, and once again it's early so my brain might be off!

Since we start as 1 or 2 star teams (I was initially thinking 1 stars only), you can switch at any time to jump into a BCS conference, if a qualified school is available (more on that later).

Once you take a BCS conference job, you must remain there for at least 3 seasons, having a 4-year contract (more on the "contract" later).

Finally, you are only allowed 2 "up" moves on the coaching ladder (example: Idaho, Washington St., Oklahoma). After 2 jumps, you are locked in (for realism).

To do this without the computer help, we'd need a "point system." I wanted to create a point system that would allow a 1-star school's coach to get a 3-star job offer from a team with a sub-500 record. Since stars are awarded to schools "after" a season is completed, there would be added incentive for a coach to stay at his school for a 2nd year if they had a good season (example: Idaho goes 13-0 as a 1-star school. Coach could leave based on the 1-year of success, but would only be a "1-star" coach for moving purposes since he has to move before the off-season).

OK, for the points:

Current School Star Points: 25 points each star
Current Season Wins: 5 points each (we could make User v. User wins worth 10 since they are more difficult)
Bowl Win: 10 points
Previous Winning Seasons for Coach at current school: 5 points each

So, using the Idaho to WSU example:

Let's assume a coach goes 13-0 (with a Bowl win) at Idaho. They would earn 12x5 points for the wins (60) and 10x1 for the Bowl win (10). They also would get credit for only the 1-star at their school (since we are assuming they are leaving after year 1 - (25)), for a total of 95.

For arguments sake, let's say Washington St. was a 3-star school in the Pac-10 that finished 5-7. The 3-stars would be worth 75 points for WSU and the 5 wins would be worth 25 points, for a total of 100. This would mean the coach would have to look elsewhere or need to have their 3-star school of choice win less than 5 games. If one of the coach's 13 wins had come against a user, then we could add 5 more points for a total of 100, which would make them eligible for the job.

The last thing to think about would be, what to do if a coach consistently struggles with a school. For example, someone takes the Notre Dame job and finishes 7-5 for 5 straight seasons or has a dismal 2-10 year. We'd perhaps need to think of a way to get fired or released from that contract. It could be as simple as 2-straight losing seasons in a BCS conference equals a demotion down to 1 or 2 star status.

What I like about this is that, with the difficulty we are shooting for with our sliders, it may not always be best to jump at the first BCS job that comes available (think about playing all BCS schools with our current settings and a 2 star school!). We could see if the people that stick with their original teams and turn them into 3-star schools after 2 seasons have a better shot at a BCS bid than those who jump for the power conference and hang at the bottom for a few years.

For someone like Jay, who, let's say, turns SMU into a powerhouse over a 4-year period, but is losing Line after his SR. season, does he stay and continue in Dallas, or does they allure of the Kansas or Michigan job take him away!

OK, just some thoughts, I'd love to hear any comments/feedback. The coaching carousel is always one of my favorite parts of the dynasties! I'd be willing to be the resident "point/number" cruncher if we end up looking into adding it into a dynasty!!

You gotta stop playing your games so late!!

but w00t at your loss. I got Western Michigan to play still. I'll knock it out this afternoon

I'm gonna start playing all my games early in the morning! SDSU defeats #11 (8-0) Utah on the road 27-3!

I guess I was pumped up from my 1,000,000 word post earlier!! I did it with my backup QB and HB as well.

I uploaded a play that showed just how the game went for me. I hit the wrong receiver button and threw up a duck that I managed to grab between 2 defenders.

Leroyog wrote:

You gotta stop playing your games so late!!

but w00t at your loss. I got Western Michigan to play still. I'll knock it out this afternoon

Yeah, but CMU is 5-0 in MAC play...neither of us is likely to pass them at this point.

I have a game against them in a couple weeks. I need to beat them then and get some help from the AI....We are tied now conference record wise so you need to lose one more.

All this is brought possible by EMU beating WMU handily on the road. Another all around solid performance from my back ups.