GWJ Madden League 2.0 (XBox 360): Season I, PLAYOFFS!!!!/OFF SEASON!!!

Leroyog wrote:
SpyNavy wrote:

I didn't get a single defensive player in actually wanted. Oh well, I drafted some speed, let's see how my theory works.

Ok Al Davis.... :P

That's funny, I was thinking the exact same thing as I was picking. A draft worthy of the NFLs resident undead.

I am down for 4-5 days if everyone else is. new forum being worked on now.

ok so it looks like the trades with the cpu is here is a proposal if you propose a trade with the cpu it has o be cleared by the league. 5 votes for yes is all you need.


Fred Jackson-RB-83
Shaun Springs-CB-80
Bryan Scott-SS-79


N. Asomugha-CB-99

Then the league will vote yes or no by quoting the Trade and responding Yes or No.

By the way this trade Format is only via CPU the league will not have to consent permission for Human/Human Trades

I didn't get any of my first 8