GWJ 2Star 3.0 - Week 9

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Buffalo (4-3) vs Ohio (2-5)

Last week, the Bulls won 24-14 vs. SMU (3-4)

In recruiting news, the following Buffalo targets announced their decisions:
ATH Sam Copeland SU
TE Michael Black Mich

Eastern Michigan (5-3) at Army (1-5)

Last week, the Eagles won 27-24 at Ohio (2-5)

In recruiting news, the following Eastern Michigan targets announced their decisions:
DT Jamar Jones Minn

Marshall (3-3) at #25 Houston (5-0)

Last week, the Thundering Herd had a bye week

In recruiting news, the following Marshall targets announced their decisions:
DT Desi Holt Marsh
SS Isaac Reese Navy
G James Turner Marsh
CB Jason Simmons CMU
WR Brian Keenan Marsh
FB Riley Tucker UNC

Northern Illinois (5-1) vs Ball State (1-6)

Last week, the Huskies won 24-6 at Mid Tenn State (5-2)

In recruiting news, the following Northern Illinois targets announced their decisions:
OLB Matt Nichols NIU

San Diego State (4-3) at BYU (6-2)

Last week, the Aztecs won 31-23 vs. Wyoming (1-6)

In recruiting news, there were no commitments by San Diego State targets.

SMU (3-4) at Tulsa (1-7)

Last week, the Mustangs lost 24-14 at Buffalo (4-3)

In recruiting news, the following SMU targets announced their decisions:
C John Norman SMU
FS Ronald Glover Bay
DE Ryan Maynard Bay
MLB Fred Mixon Bay

UTEP (2-6) at Rice (3-4)

Last week, the Miners lost 62-28 at Houston (5-0)

In recruiting news, the following UTEP targets announced their decisions:
MLB Fred Mixon Bay
DE Jacob Fuqua ULL
DE Patrick Johnson UTEP

For whatever reason, the Weekly Update wasn't on the EA site so I copy and pasted my rolling notification email. Let's go Ball State!

Let's go Ball State!


I think your better bet would be to give film to CMU in week 10 or Toledo in week 12. I also play Ohio and Temple. For some reason both of these teams have historically given me trouble, so there're still several opportunities for me to blow it...

Oh, and yeah...I have *4* commits now. Wow.

Maybe next year I will have 1-2 4* commits have me in their top 10

Leroyog wrote:

Maybe next year I will have 1-2 4* commits have me in their top 10 :P

Don't get your hopes up... Seriously; this is the first season that *any* have had me in their top 10. I have about 6 4* players interested in NIU. As I've mentioned before, though, all but two are WRs!

I only shoot for 3-star players. 4-star players can't find SDSU on a map yet..

EMU takes down Army. Solid performance all around.

SDSU defeats Air Force. I lost my starting tailback for 8 weeks on the first play. So I'm down to backups at my QB and RB spots. But I've had to learn to be creative with my offense. My 3rd string HB runs the option out of the wishbone.

Ug. Ly. I knew I shouldn't have started a game at 12:30 am.

NIU falls to Ball State. Couldn't get anything going on offense. I ran the ball 27 times for about 37 yards. It was just awful. I threw 3 INTs. My timing was off. Their defense was on fire. Ugh. My defense was okay, except in the 4th. I had 41 sec to come back and was doing okay, but I threw my final pick with about 23 sec left in the game.

Oh well...gotta' shake it off and get ready for Central Michigan next week. Yikes. I think it's because of what I wrote to Leroy about BSU. Obviously I gave them some bulletin board material.

Wham-Bam! Thank you, Mam!