GWJ BHA Nef Continuation 5/9 @ 7:30

Please post availability for a Nef continutation on Monday @ 7:30.

Oh, and Shank, please come prepared.

I'm in.

I can, yeah.

Sure. I don't have 7 level 85 alts like Cheeto does so I have plenty of money to spend on repairs.

ELewis17 wrote:

Oh, and Shank, please come prepared.

So are you saying he's the "Your Bad Rogue" in the video?

I can not run tomorrow night. A wedding anniversary or something?

Good Luck!

I'm happy to wail away at Nef again.

Normally I would, but I have the Monday Night Crew to attend to!

I could probably manage a few rounds...although I'm still part of the monday night group...

Last night I thought I could make it, but I was mistaken. I wont be able to raid at all this week.

Need four DPS to make this happen (assuming Shank is coming, since this was his idea).

Sorry guys, I'd love to help but I've already got plans for this evening.

I can be there.

But, as we saw from the video, I won't be much use come P2.

If there are any other healers available, I could run shadow for the fight.

I can be there on either toon.

McFinn wrote:

I can be there on either toon.

Join up now kids! Spots are filling fast!

Well show up with your brow beating sticks and we'll round up a few more folks to kick this off.