Rift - I hit 50!

So, I wanted a thread to express my joy at hitting 50. Others are free to update here as they pass the threshold and are ready for the end game content.

I can say, while it may not have been the wisest thing, the first thing I did when I hit 50 was to run out and spend all my plat on gear… Oh well, I was excited. I would of spent even more on just a horse, so it can’t be all that bad. Now I have something like 137 focus so I can spend those valuable plaques as I earn them on items I can’t easily buy (especially because I am now broke). When I get back up in plat (50 or so) I’m going to burn through some outfitter and rune crafting so that I can hopefully have a little income if I need it (and support the guild as it needs it).

So what are some newb 50 tips? Where should I go to make some $$ when not doing dungeons? Where are the vendors that sell items that you buy with plaques? I found the dailies, they are with the Faceless Man in Meridian, for anyone looking.

Hopefully I’ll see you all tonight. Maybe we can do a quick run of CC regular… I accidently deleted the front door quest when I was mucking around with the bugged quest and that guy has a really nice staff as a reward (more focus than what I have now).


Off the top of my head:
you can also get expert rift dailies from a quest giver at the back of the planar college. I think we've only done one guild even where we hit all the rifts and I wasn't that impressed with the loot you could buy with the rift specific tokens but, ymmv.
You could also run dailies in Stillmoor, IPP, and Shimmersand to up your faction with those 3 groups to get access to some decent recipes, armor and a mount. Running a set of dailies in one zone a day is actually how I keep my income at least going up after paying a couple plat in repair bills from a single dungeon run.
You've already found the T1 and T2 dailies from Faceless Man. The vendors that use the plaques you're getting are around the right pillar in the PvP wing of Meridian though you're probably already found them by now. You'll find a T1 vendor, T2 vendor, and raid vendor. With the gear you've got you might as well just save your plaques for the T2 stuff.
You can also run T1 and T2 dungeons though after you've run a few T2's there's really not much reason to go back to T1 unless you just can't find another group and are wanting to knock out a daily.
Oh, and don't forget PvP. You can always go on some Port binges and try to up your faction with that particular group for another mount option or to just up your PvP level so you can access the higher tiers of your PvP soul.
As for making money? Like I said, I just run daily faction quests and dungeons to keep my cash inching up ever so slowly. Depending on what kind of crafting you do you may be able to play the auction house game like our resident billionare, Fuzz.