GWJ2STAR 3.0 - Week 7

Welcome to Week 7!

The INT sliders have been tweaked. Additional input is always welcome, with or without a powerpoint presentation! The big Human vs. Human game features NIU and EMU. So we have seven days to get the game in. Firesloth, let me know if you have a problem. I saw that the bye weeks were working out good for you in the other league.

=============== Buffalo Bulls (2-3) ===============
Last week, Buffalo won 36-24 against Akron (2-2).
This week, the Bulls travel to Bowling Green to face the Bowling Green Falcons (0-3).
In recruiting news, the following Buffalo targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) LOLB James Barber has committed to Maryland
- (***) WR Chris Dockery has committed to Buffalo

=============== Eastern Michigan Eagles (4-2) ===============
Last week, Eastern Michigan lost 37-36 against Toledo (4-1).
This week, the Eagles will host Northern Illinois (3-1).
In recruiting news, the following Eastern Michigan targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) DT Aaron Brunner has committed to UCF
- (***) QB Cory Sims has committed to Navy
- (***) LG Dave Williams has committed to Temple
- (***) RG Stewart Whitaker has committed to Western Michigan
- (***) CB Danny Murray has committed to Syracuse
- (***) DT Darrick Morton has committed to Eastern Michigan

=============== Marshall Thundering Herd (3-2) ===============
Last week, Marshall won 38-14 against Tulsa (1-5).
This week, the Thundering Herd travel to Birmingham to face the UAB Blazers (3-2).
In recruiting news, the following Marshall targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) LE Joel Williams has committed to Temple
- (**) C Joel Vaughn has committed to Ohio
- (**) RG Troy Muhammad has committed to Ohio
- (***) LG Dave Williams has committed to Temple

=============== Northern Illinois Huskies (3-1) ===============
Last week the Huskies were idle.
This week, the Huskies travel to Ypsilanti to face the Eastern Michigan Eagles (4-2).
In recruiting news, the following Northern Illinois targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) LT Ricky Hill has committed to Northern Illinois

=============== San Diego State Aztecs (2-3) ===============
Last week, San Diego State won 42-13 against Colorado State (4-2).
This week, the Aztecs travel to Colorado Springs to face the Air Force Falcons (3-2).

=============== SMU Mustangs (3-3) ===============
Last week, SMU won 38-26 against Southern Miss (4-2).
This week, the Mustangs are idle.
In recruiting news, the following SMU targets have announced their decisions:
- (****) DT Josh Manning has committed to Texas Tech
- (****) CB Aaron Black has committed to Texas Tech
- (****) RT Matt Ramirez has committed to Texas Tech
- (****) TE Terrence Graves has committed to Arkansas
- (****) LG Tim Campbell has committed to TCU
- (****) FS Antoine Campbell has committed to SMU

=============== UTEP Miners (2-4) ===============
Last week, UTEP lost 51-37 against ECU (1-4).
This week, the Miners will host Tulane (0-5).
In recruiting news, the following UTEP targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) DT Jared Larson has committed to Kansas
- (***) LE Steven Brown has committed to Kansas
- (***) K Chad Jackson has committed to Oklahoma
- (***) K Matt Collins has committed to Texas Tech

fire. when do you wanna do this?

I won my game @ Air Force 42-7. I got greedy and tried to go deep whenever I saw single coverage on the outside and threw 3 INT's in the process. I was able to force a bunch of fumbles with big hits that made up for my turnovers however.

I should get some commits this week or next, I'm in 1st for 17 of my 19 targets (all 3-stars).

I don't get back into town until Thursday evening. Friday is probably the best bet...

Oh, and I've one got a whole 2 commitments!

I'm not sure if I'll be at the bar after work on Friday or not. Wings play that night. Maybe sometime Saturday or before the Wings game on Sunday?

Finished my recruiting between exposures on the world's largest telescope. Got two instant commits. Badmouthed Buffalo. Sucked in the oxygen-poor air at 11,000 ft. It's a good day.

I'm back and ready to go! Where are we on this week? Man, my byes were perfectly placed...this time. I travel again May 15-18.

I should be available tonight after 10pmish. Gotta watch the Red Wing game.

Yup. I'll see what I can do. My sleep is a bit messed up right now, so there's a possibility I may not make it. However, I suspect about 11 pm will work for me if you're still around. I'll drop you a message here or on Live if I can't go...

11pm works.

Lost my stud RB for the year on the second offensive play. Didn't have my number 1 WR. Guess what happened!!!!

Good game fire. I have to stop losing to you. This sucks

Thanks for the late game, man. I have to admit that I was tickled pink when your HB went down. Sorry he is out for more than this game, but I didn't miss him.

You really baited me into some bad throws! The first two series my offense was rolling, but then it was as if you remembered who you were playing and what my tendencies were...

Oh, and NIU sneaks out of Ypsilanti with a 35-14 victory, for those who didn't get an email.

I think this means we're ready to roll!

Wait...I think Marshall hasn't played. You're on autopilot, right?