WOW BHA: Get your VPs this weekend!

Greetings programs! Since raiding may or may not be FUBAR'd let us get together this weekend for some hot heroic instance grinding. I will be on both days starting late morning looking to help out GWJers cap their valor points.

If you interested post up.

I know I posted and said I was going to be on during the week and then didn't show up once (damn you real life and other video games!), but I'm definitely going to try to log on and see the new stuff and farm some VP this weekend. So if you see me around, there is an excellent chance I'll be interested.

I'll be on Sunday late morning for insta-queues.

I will be on Sunday afternoon until Game of Thrones starts up at 9.

Probably 6 hours total.

Who is Player Hater?

Anywho... I have a cancer benefit on Sat. starting at 1pm and going for about 8 hours....on a bus....touring the bars of Gahanna. Okay fine, its the "Crawl for a Cure" Bar crawl!!

I am not sure what kinda shape I will be in Sunday....but I should be around some

I know I said I'd be available Sat ~noonish. I'm not sure when we really plan to start, but I can try to drag my hungover ass out of bed before noon.

Sun is coming up. Place your bets as to when I regain consciousness.

MikeMac wrote:

Sun is coming up. Place your bets as to when I regain consciousness.

Considering how late you were on this morning - and bored and/or drunk enough to solo queue for heroics as DPS - I would imagine fairly late.

I'll be around at some point too, naturally, probably not until even later than Zee since I won't even be in bed for at least another four hours or so. And around all night in some form or another, which is usual fare for the weekend. I still haven't even seen ZA yet, although I've gotten ZG as random three times and even cleared it once. So I'm more than down for killing more trolls.

Player Hater is NE Druid Billhicks...just transferred onto the server a few weeks ago.