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RawkGWJ wrote:

Maybe bring your concerns up with the instructor. That will be an uncomfortable conversation, but it could be good practice for other tough conversations that matter more.

Is it an online class?

It is, and I decided to change paths.

I spoke with the instructor, told him I was feeling completely lost and unhelped in the classes.

From what I gleaned, basically, the way forward for me at this point would be to upgrade my membership to a mentorship so I could get a weekly session with a mentor who'd work with me one-on-one (which would be most useful, to me). Problem is, those require a not-insignificant financial investment.

I'm not gonna blame them for that, frankly, I think more online classes should follow a similar model so that instructors can really focus on giving one-on-one instruction to a small class of students, but the options for me had pretty much become get a membership (which I couldn't afford and frankly, wasn't 150% convinced would help based on my experience up to that point) or bail, as the questions I had weren't getting useful answers.

So I bailed. The upside to learning to draw now is that there's enough other stuff out there that I'm sure I can find a different online class that works better for my learning style (I found this one to be frustratingly lacking in structure).

I'm still out here artin' n' stuff though.

My wife suggested I drew a bunch of vet techs wrestling a big dog (a daily occurrence for her and her co-workers), and so I did.


I feel bad for the person getting tea-bagged. On top of that they lost their Crock!

You know the risks you take when you enter the profession!

Vvvv important related content:

Very enjoyable.

First attempt ever at drawing my cat Socrates and it's... kind of a success?


Next time I should try my other cat Joséphine, her face has three different colors and some interesting patterns.

Well done!


I would say that is very much a success! Good work!

Lately, I have been focusing on an Etching or Engraving style of shading, since that is a popular type of tattoo and we don't have someone with that particular style at our studio yet. It is really forcing me to work with contours and be more precise in how I cross hatch. I feel like I'm learning how to draw all over again. It's equal measures frustrating and rewarding. And I HATE drawing in front of my boss. I'll post a few things when I get a chance.

So I got a bonus from work last month for whatever. But! It did give me enough to switch from a Wacom tablet to a Huion Pen Display.

I'm still working to get the pen sensitivity to where I like it, but after a few hours of doodling, the difference between drawing on one surface, and looking at another, vs. looking at your pen and seeing the lines appear as your hand moves is... whoo this feels like a good investment.

I've been basically sitting around all day feeling kind of miserable—I (finally) got my second Moderna jab yesterday morning, and now the side effects are hitting me much harder than the first dose did.

But the point is I drew a couple of things!

This I actually drew while I was supposed to be paying attention during a virtual D&D session, then coloured yesterday:


(Goddamit, I did the head too big again. Bad habit of mine; I could fix it, but the surgery to fix a digital image across different layers and then fix the seams probably isn't worth it.)

This other one I did this morning:


Now I'm bored again.

I don’t think her head is too big. If you hadn’t mentioned it I would have never thought that.

I really like the particular style. Well done.

I don't think #1's head is too big, but the neck might be too thin instead.

Nice work as always, Ravanon!

Any recs for a Procreate-style Surface-friendly art app? I’ve been using Procreate on iPad for years now but recently got a Surface Pro 7 for non-art reasons and want to see if there’s a good alternative so I’m not lugging around multiple tablets whenever I leave the house. I tried Adobe Fresco but the way it handles layers seems limited compared to Procreate and it’s missing some basic features like text entry (important since I mostly make comics).

The f*cking sound I made when I found a brush in CSP that makes putting fishnets on a character a snap.

EDIT: Also, I can see you think as I do Ravanon, that Elf ears should be large enough for characters to emote with.


Prederick wrote:

EDIT: Also, I can see you think as I do Ravanon, that Elf ears should be large enough for characters to emote with.

Yes! That, and receive radio signals. For some reason I find I like to draw that kind of ear, possibly almost as much as I like drawing long hair.

Some manga stylization I'm not fond of, but the "huge Elf ears" I am absolutely a fan of.

I also believe that Goblin ears should be large enough to literally go hang gliding with.

Any recs for a Procreate-style Surface-friendly art app?

Clip Studio Paint
Infinity Painter (if they make it for windows, I know its ios and android)
Autodesk Sketch is no longer Autodesk - I really like this app and it being no longer under Autodesk is a boon

I think you'll find what I did. That windows apps are full apps but there is frustration because they aren't designed for touch controls. So if you have a surface keyboard, you'll have a much better time.

I was looking for more of a canvas interface like Procreate or Fresco but one of my favorite youtube channels posted this video of Clip Studio in action the other day and has really sold me on it. I haven’t messed with vector drawing in ages and it’s clearly come a long way from the days where it wasn’t really drawing so much as just moving anchor points around.

Yes, yes it has

Quick question to the hive mind. Does anyone have any opinions about the best ways to build a digital art portfolio online (e.g. personal blog, social media, DeviantArt, ArtStation, etc.)?

Currently I have a mostly-moribund Blogger blog (http://baffledwizard.blogspot.com/) that I started back in 2015 just to see what I could do with it (apparently, the answer was: write a multi-part 'let's play' of Wizardry 6 for the hell of it). In recent years I've just used the backend to host the images I'd post here and on the weekly drawing prompt thread, occasionally actually creating compilation posts so that I'd have somewhere to direct people who wanted to see what I've been drawing—but it's been very much a minimal effort thing. So I've been thinking about what I ought to do if I want to project a more 'professional' (and slightly less invisible) image online. And since I'm a little clueless about the modern Web, I thought I'd ask here before trying to make sense of online advice in general...

I'm not very good at likenesses, but I enjoy trying my hand at them every now and then. Here's one from yesterday:


(It's supposed to be Roy Kent from "Ted Lasso.")

Great likeness, I knew who it was before I scrolled. I think it's all in the scowl.

Glad you like it! And no one scowls like Roy Kent!

Trying to get back to drawing after the madness of Inktober left me exhausted, so here's a portrait of our boy Grover as a Roman emperor:


We need to bring the Weekly Drawing thread back to life!

I live to serve, Emperor Groverius!

As well you should!
(And so do I.)

Here's a quick Darth Maul I drew this morning using some of my new markers. I did not have any reference in front of me, so that's why his tattoos are wildly inaccurate :