Drawing / Sketching / Digital Painting

Haven't posted here in a while, but I'm still drawing away!

Here's a drawing I just finished as a thank you for someone my wife works with:


I wanted to show what my Valheim Viking looks like in my head.

I did a little creative license with his face paint, since we don't have the ability to customize our characters too much.


Big big news Blender 2.92 released:

For those Sketchup fans (and for many other reasons) Blender has released version 2.92 which has tons of new features and improvements. The main one for Sketchup fans is Draw Primitive which lets you drag out cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres on existing planes or surfaces.

Also this drawing class is on sale for $9 on goldstar.

Goldstar typically is a regional site for discounted entertainment tickets (plays, comedy shows, concerts). But since everything is now online, they sell discounted virtual events and have begun to sell discounted online classes and informational talks from sites like Skill Success.

I have already plopped down $9 for a novel writing class that is about 6-8 hours long. I am enjoying it and it regularly lists for $199.

I found this on youtube and it looked pretty cool. I am actually pretty good at drawing hands but I knew there were others who struggle with them:

So I woke up with a bee in my bonnet about an old cg model I worked on that was concepted for the GWJer game project. When I initially fleshed it out it was ~8000 polys (tris) which was too much for anything other than a major boss back then (somewhere around 2009). I specialize in poly reduction but I never touched it till now.

And go figure, today I have reduced it to 5800 polys (tris), 8000 polys (tris) is nothing for a minor enemy by current poly budget standards. Still, I am really happy with the results and really happy to stretch muscles I haven't stretched in a LONG time

I am putting this in the drawing thread because I know a few of you make comics or are interested in visual novels. Humble Bundle is having a 75% off Visual Novel Maker so it is like $17 currently. I have to be honest in that I am tempted to pick it up for that. Even if I just put it through its paces and never release anything.

I am now on the tattoo track. I started managing a tattoo shop a couple months ago, being friendly with the owner and artists. The owner wants me to start tattooing so I've been sketching non-stop. I will be doing my first piece on my left thigh. It's a crow skull with mushrooms against a black silhouette of foliage, probably ferns. I've got the first couple drafts done of the skull and mushroom. I've posted a previous draft here:

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