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And here's my "shadow" for Inktober52, week 2:


And here's mine:


The bulk of my sickness has passed. IT BEGINS.

I'm going to be basing these on the ongoing campaign I'm playing and my current D&D character, the very angry dark elf sorceress/cleric of Umberlee, Megda Nightsquall.

Week 1 : "flying"


aaand week 2 "Shadow". All caught up now.


Today hasn't particularly earned me any money but it feels GOOD to be drawing again regardless!
And the practice never hurts!

Very nice, Ravanon and pyxistyx! I really like all three of your drawings .

The Weekly Drawing Prompt seems to have died a quick and sudden death, but my questionable artiste skills and I enjoyed it immensely and it seems like maybe its a best fit here (also posted it to the "post me a picture of something you created" thread before I realized I meant to put it here, but it also fits there... so I guess I'll spread the love this week).

Anyway, here is my VERY late submission for the last Weekly Prompt - "Submersible Refeshments":


Nice to see your work again, vypre!

The weekly thread hit at a bad time for me in regards to what spare time i had for drawing unfortunately. FORTUNATELY, there's now inktober 52 to allow me to pick up the slack!

In fact. might as well hijack that thread for the purposes of that....

I'm joining you there for this Inktober 52 series .

haaasshhhhtaaaag "toonme". or something.


Just doodling a little tonight...


I know I should be drawing snakes, but I really wanted to do this "Cartoon Me" thing, even if I'm a little late to the party:



I'm currently making my way through the 250 Box Challenge from DrawABox.com, and i'm actually kind of enjoying it. My "learning to draw" experience has been fairly stop-start so far, but getting back into it recently and just trying to focus on an hour a day of sketching has been fairly nice, and doing the boxes has allowed me to work on some basic skills while avoiding the frustration I found came much more quickly with more advanced drawing from life and stuff. I'm still going to go back to it, of course, it's largely just a matter of getting my head in the right place to not allow the gap between my ability and ambition to be crippling.

the next inktober52 prompt is "snake". figured i'd post my progress as i go...

Again, this is based on my D&D character in a nautical themed campaign, so some sort of sea serpent seemed appropriate


Rough Colourin'
I'm trying to focus more on light and shadows as it's a MAJOR weakness of mine and something i need to practice more. So i'm working on the idea that the biggest light source is the ball of lightning in Megda's hand and trying to work from there. Also didn't like the beastie's face or fins, so did a bit of remodelling.


I found this a really interesting discussion. It is funny in that I use a lot of the techniques through my own discovery.

Another "challenge", for those of us who need external motivation to do anything: Figuary!

The LoveLifeDrawing channel on YouTube and Croquis Cafe team up for figure drawing practice every day of February: 1 instruction video from LoveLifeDrawing, and the video with poses from Croquis Cafe (on Vimeo, probably need to register for an account since their videos feature nudity, because life drawing).

As I did last year, I will do my best to do it everyday, using Procreate on my iPad. Here are today's drawing:

Funnily enough, I ran out of time with the 5 minute drawing, as my cats were doing something very cute on the other side of the couch.

oh i'd forgotten that was a thing! too many drawing challenges, too little time

Cross post from the random things you love thread. Here are some of the reference I'd use for the flying fish that swims in the sand:
Stingray because they vibrate their "wings" to bury themselves in sand
Searobin another fish that buries in the sand and has fins all along the sides:
Cobra for expanding hood:
Humming bird for flight, snout and vibration locomotion:
Heh, for some reason I am compelled to make this creature now...