Drawing / Sketching / Digital Painting

Day 13 - Child Mage.

Though really it's more of a teen wizard. I suck at drawing younger kids.


Also i only just noticed how wonky the left eye is in comparison to the right and it's really bugging me now!






lol, love the exhaused bee

Good stuff all. Love the whale Trichy, I do like that technique, should give it a go. The bee is great.

I've been busy/slack for a few days so have caught up today with 4 very small pics. 3x3cm each. Not cheating at all


oh, yeah i like those a lot!

Day 13: Eye

Back to the Staedler pens for this one.


Day 14 - "Old WIzard"

Almost halfway there! I think this is already a record for me.


I'm oddly pleased with my mini-Starry Night on the wall...

Day 14: Decapitated

This was a tricky one to take in a non-gory direction, but I finally stumbled onto this drawing that looked like it would serve as good practice. Printed it out and got busy with the Staedler pens.


Must not falter now! Time to dig deep everyone. We can DO this!

I nearly ran out of time today (got distracted) but i'm working on another two-fer now with tomorrow's prompt since they are both much the same. (Barbarian Hero and Barbarian Heroine)


Really cool, Trichy! Big thumbs up!

Day 15: Warewolf

Tomorrow is over half way!


Tricky, that last one is excellent.

going to skip 15 for now because it's basically just the same as 16 (Barbarian hero vs barbarian heroine). If i get far enough i'll probably revisit it but for now drawing the same thing in a row twice is kinda boring.

That said, day 16 - Barbarian Heroine


Picking this list is starting to feel like a bad idea - kinda getting bored of drawing people OH WELL.
I might decide to switch back to the default list for the remaining days, just for a change of scenery and to keep things interesting.

pyxistyx wrote:

Picking this list is starting to feel like a bad idea - kinda getting bored of drawing people OH WELL.
I might decide to switch back to the default list for the remaining days, just for a change of scenery and to keep things interesting.

I don’t know the culture of Inktober so maybe this is totally breaking the rules, but I’d recommend having fun over sticking to a list of something that you’ve tapped out on. I’ve enjoyed thinking about how I want to approach the prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing stuff. The official list strikes me as having a lot of that same wiggle room for creativity.

nah. the only rule is that you try to do an ink drawing every day. prompts are entirely optional, it just makes things easier.

Saw some really cool gauntlet pen and ink drawings (possibly from some PnP RPG book) and thought i'd take a stab at a version of my own in the same style. Turned out pretty good (apart from botching one finger - doh!)


I decided i'll mix the official prompt list, with the fantasy equipment list Amoebic posted on instagram and combine each day's prompt as a different magic item (if it makes sense to do so).

So.. Day 15 is "weak" and "gauntlet" so.... Gauntlet of Rot.


So yeah. That's me back up to date!

A couple days behind again... Time for another early morning catch up tomorrow!

I partly blame Lara Croft. Rise of the Tomb Raider has been a distraction of an evening this week.

Must... Get... Back... To... Ink.

Hang on you all could help me with clock...

I need a 9 letter word related to Inktober, anything spring to mind?


- since I'm just about still awake after midnight I figured I'd jump in and do a quick no 17 ( "swollen" / "magical item")



Day 16: Zombie

I thought I'd try my hand and some simpler line art. I found a decent drawing of a zombie, set it to the side, and took a shot.


Running late, quick catch up... 14. Clock.

For the UK students and graduates of old.


Duh-duh, duh-duh, duhduhduhda!

lol, the prompt for 18 is "bottle" and the side prompt on the gear list is "potions" ....so, i guess that works