Drawing / Sketching / Digital Painting

It's great to see a fair few taking part. Just done a super quick 5-10 minutes. It'll do, I'm throwing it up, main objective is to get something done every day, anything... Keep that in mind if I chuck it up here too

yeah sketches are totally cool too. The only stipulation is what you draw has to be some sort of ink, other than that it's all good, whether it takes 5-10min or an hour.

In the time it took me to make a cuppa*


*The tea was a little stewed and warm rather than hot, but still I'm glad I did something.

Also... Today I might have unearthed the 20+ year old pots of Winsor & Newton in the shed + dug out a couple dip pens n nibs. A mix of mine and my wife's, either way I don't think we've used them since students! Experiment time tomorrow...

Day 2.


I did things other than draw all day, and tonight was a FIRST Robotics meeting, so I doodled during the presentation:


I like my happy little trees and the fish.

Day 2: Weightlessness (14 min.)

Lolz. This was fun to draw. I was feeling pretty decent about the lunar rover, then I got about 30 seconds into the astronaut and realized it just wasn't working out with perspective and proportions and a lot of other art terms I don't know.

Really enjoying this though!


All. good stuff! Trichy, your day 2 looks fab!

This is helping me stay motivated*, so keep em coming!

*or it will when it's not 5.15am and I'm not still in bed

pyxistyx wrote:

All. good stuff! Trichy, your day 2 looks fab!

I was just thinking the same thing. I think Trichy leveled up over night. That's just downright good.

And Katy, that's awesome that you drew in your Robotics class. Good humor, and most excellent dedication!

That's a great one Trichy.

3. "Warrior Princess"


'I do my OWN damn rescuing!'

Had to do some digital tweaking on this because the head was HUGE in comparison to the body, so I tweaked the perspective in photoshop to normalise it a bit. Let that be a lesson never to try to draw anything accurately while leaning the paper on your knees!

I love that one!

Day 2, Tranquil


These inks I found are so old the brown ink has turned bluegreen.

Day 3: Shadows (12 min.)

I thought I'd try something different today. Getting the outline to line up perfectly again at the end was more challenging than I expected, but this was fun to try.


hah! great!

Incredibly creative. I love that idea.
It would be a great way to break out of artist block. The easiest way would be to go around with a camera and take pictures of interesting shadows that inspire you.

Sigh. This is attempt 3 on this idea, and the best, which doesn't mean I'm happy with it. I got the idea in my head from the "roasted" prompt and really liked it, but I just couldn't make it work.

Clever stuff, Trichy. Made me laugh! I think you're being hard on yourself.

Roasted! Day 3 of Inktober 2018.

I may have just ordered a couple of pen sets off Amazon...

Our one and only telly knackered itself last night so was trying to fix that (unsuccessfully) rather than get my daily doodle done... Caught up this morning and because no TV to watch my 7yr old joined me before school.

My roasted

and the boy's tranquil

Good work all, yours did make me do a double take and smile Trichy.

Don't worry, I may be picking up a couple bottles of new ink later GBlitz

No 4 - "River maiden"

The Nereid


Day 4: Black Cat (9 min.)

I was poking about the Internets last night for some ideas for today's prompt, Black Cat, and I came across what I thought was a cool style. I decided that I wanted to see if I could create something similar, so I printed it out, put it beside my drawing, and gave it a go. This was a fun drawing to try to replicate.


The prompt was "spell". I had no ideas.

I'm replacing my 4 year old wacom intuos tablet with a wacom cintiq 13 (refurbished) screen tablet next Tuesday. I can't wait.

Day 4 of Inktober, Spell:


A bit of nostalgia for day 4. Spell.



I've fallen behind a bit for day 5, but i'll try to get something done now (while I wait for AC: Odyssey to finish downloading!)

I have a thought for day 5 that might catch me up.

AC Odyssey seems to have arrived very suddenly. If a theme was going to get me to give the series another shot...