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Am trying to doodle pages lighter in mood to my usual. Like Toddland (very nice btw) am trying to not be so precious, otherwise it takes ages to fill a page. Also a small book, that helps too.


Only 9 days late for nature submission Pyxi

My class went MUCH better last night. Everything felt more relaxed and natural, and my quick sketches are coming together a lot easier.

Great colors Bubblefuzz!

That is really good to hear trichy. You can surprise yourself very easily with your contour drawings when you do them regularly. Even if its just "I really like that line" or what it captures.
One of my favorite drawings is a semi blind contour I did of my docksider style loafer. It is distorted in places but I feel that gives it life rather than a photo real still life.

I'm preparing to attempt Inktober. I'm fairly apprehensive about it, as a simple search for #Inktober results in some truly spectacular pieces of work, but I'll at least give it a shot. If anyone's done it before, I'd appreciate any and all tips.

likewise! My record is ten days though, so that's basically my target to beat. I've never actually finished a challenge, so don't sweat it if you start to fall behind.

I'd maybe not feel tied to the official list. if you google inktober lists your bound to find something a bit more interesting than the vanilla prompts. (or ANY list of drawing themes with 31 days, actually - really the only rules are you need 31 drawings by the end of October and they all have to be in some form of ink).

Like this! Which is tempting me. I was just going to continue with the D&D one-page dungeons but I've got an itch to do a trad' inktober too, so I'll probably take a stab at it again.


you're allowed to do an under-sketch too, so you don't have to just immediately commit to putting ink to paper. (which is good 'cause that's the way i generally work :D). I gather some people use Sketchtember to plot out all their drawings ready for inking in Inktober, but that's always seemed like overkill to me!

They don't have to be MASSIVE complicated drawings either. Maybe go out and buy an A5 sized sketchbook (not sure what that is in US measurements), or - here's an idea - a deck of blank tarot or playing cards, and use those as a surface.

(e.g. : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazing-chi...)
I bought, like, two packs of these (400 cards!) for use making cards for games or spell prompts for D&D but they'd make good teeny little surfaces to draw one-day challenges on.
*Plus they would be a super-low time investment compared to doing something much larger.

That list looks to be a good fit for you Pyxi, I'd look forward to seeing those if you went down that route.

I'm going to give it another go. My tip (to myself really) is limit doodle time for each day to something reasonable, 20 minutes say, 30 max.

I'm quickly doing something for the next doodle addicts challenge at the mo, just in time for Inktober beginnings. I usually only get a few done before getting so far behind that I give up. Hopefully my own tip will change that.

Ah, and have you done anything for the urban challenge Pyxi?

I...have not, yet :O I should get on that!

Although I already have kind of have a lot of stuff to be getting on with besides that though, so I may give this one a skip and do the next one.

Some inktober vids that might be of use:

First the official video:


I think this is the list I've settled on to try this month, since I've been in a swords and sorcery mood of late...



trichy wrote:

I'm fairly apprehensive about it, as a simple search for #Inktober results in some truly spectacular pieces of work

Anyone have links to galleries of "inktober for the absolute beginner"? Because trichy is right, just searching the hashtag is totally intimidating if your skill level is more at the stick figure / random doodle level.

(I did go out and purchase aspirational micron pens and a $5 notepad today. That 40% off Michaels coupon helped lower it to the impulse purchase level.)

I don't, unfortunately. I totally get it though - it took me quite a while before I was able to stop being intimidated by and comparing myself to people who are (still) light-years ahead of me skill-wise. The ol' imposter syndrome still sneaks up on me from time to time even now.

There ARE people that show up on the inktober facebook group who are in the same boat though and generally the response they get is positive, and advised to just plunge in and start drawing, because most of those intimidating artists all started out the same way.

*there's also going to be a certain degree of "instagram-ness" about any galleries you see online. Most people are only going to post their very best stuff. They rarely post the stuff that doesn't work or they aren't happy with. I think maybe if I screw up any of these inktober drawings I may post them, or half finished abandoned stuff here as examples.

I'd say yeah, look at the Facebook group, there are inkers of all skill levels in there it seems. Everyone looks to be encouraged.

I'm so slack on drawing, have been for years, I've relied on computers for my work for waaaay too long. It's a shame and although confidence is just at doodle level, I'll be trying to fit those doodles to the official theme. They might be very loose interpretations and fully expect many to be basic and/or pretty bad. If I'm going to try and stick to a time limit in order to get through a decent amount then this'll be a good lesson in not being so precious. I'm looking forward to it, no matter the results.

I finished the doodle addicts urban challenge, and managed it in 30 minutes, it's not great but I'll still post it on comp page just to say I've done it.

Post your stuff here Katy and Trichy, would look forward to seeing it.

Plus your fantasy stuff Pyxi, good theme pick.

Things are pretty busy at the moment, and I have other things I'm working on, but I'm tempted to see if I can make some fun with a prompt list, a pen, a small sketch book, and a 15-minute hard limit.

I haven't attempted something like this before. I don't know what I'm doing. I have little to no drawing skill and experience. I have tried to draw at a few points in my life, but never really stuck with it. I have been messing off and on with pixel art these past few months, though, so this might be a nice extension.

I didn't realize that any sort of prompt list works for this. I googled a bit and settled on this one from 2017's Inktober. I liked it because it seemed simple enough to do in 15 minutes and most of the prompts gave me an idea for something I could try to draw. My main goal is fun, relaxation, and a little practice at creativity.

And to be totally honest, a drawing each day is probably a stretch for me. If I could get 10 done, I'd be happy.


Doodle Addicts - Urban Challenge.


Quick and simples, am liking have a play with bright colours.

nice! Remind me when the vote is up.

I don't think i'll have the time what with everything else going on, to sit down and do something this time around, so i'll wait for the third one I think.

#1 "Knight of Light"


Quality, liking the golden detail!

Good times.

Inktober, Day One. Insomnia. 13-minute drawing. Image idea from a photo search.


Oooof. Inktober is not starting off well. I really liked the idea of this, and some parts turned out not completely awful, but the head and face are a thing of horror... and not in the good way. Frustrating. But, at least I did a thing.


Here's my Day 1, sticking to the official list in a warped kind of a way... Poisonous.


It's really tough sticking to 30 minutes tops! Over by a smidge.

Kudos all around! That stuff looks great! We are developing quite the catalogue of GWJ artists.
Trichy I love the octopus!

off to a good start!

Tricky: The really important part (which i usually fail at, if i'm honest) is 'doing the thing!'

trichy wrote:

Oooof. Inktober is not starting off well. I really liked the idea of this, and some parts turned out not completely awful, but the head and face are a thing of horror...

At least yours looks like a head. Mine looks like a goalie mask stuck crookedly on a mannequin.

I actually think you've captured a good bit of fear and surprise in her reaction. And the octopus looks really sharp. I like the texture on it.

Thanks to being in class, I didn't get to post mine until around 10p last night. Here is my day 1 for Poisonous:


I am messing around with some new pens, and the primary on this one has more of a brush-like quality that I am not accustomed to. I tend to be drawn to more technical pens, but this one is kind of fun, so I will keep at it for a little while.

One step above the random doodle:

I like the zombie skull thing and the cork.

Day 2 of #Swordinktober!

"Knight of Shadow"
A Noble from House Claddath, masquerading as a devotee of Lloth.


...because I promised upthread, I had a couple of false starts on this which i shall post in spoilers below, just for reference!


I could probably have salvaged this one but it was too cartoony for me.


Profile shots are REALLY hard for me, for some reason!


Looking good everyone! It's awesome to see people posting stuff.

Day 2 will be a challenge for me. I've got work until pretty late today, then some things to do. I'll be squeezing my drawing in somewhere though.

I decided it is totally ok to do sketches instead of finished pieces... if I get 31 sketches done this month that's already ridiculous progress for me.

Yeah, I have class tonight till 9p tonight after I get off work, so I will be either posting late tonight or tomorrow.