WOW BHA 4/26-5/2 (holy crap it's may): Raid schedule

FYI everyone in BHA- We are taking the week off from official raiding with the drop of 4.1 this week. We would like to create some opportunities for guild members to run the new instances though. If people are interested in posting here, we can make sure we get everyone into the new areas with guild members and have some fun that way.

Grinds- available on Tuesday night 6-10pm, Sunday night 6-10pm.

Shank - Sunday night only. I have guests in town so I'm not going to be around much.

I'll try to log in for a couple hours each on Tuesday and Thursday -- killing something new(ish) sounds like a good time.

I'll hop on and do some stuff, yeah.

Sign me up for Tuesday and Sunday, I suppose.

I'll likely be around Thurs and Sun for a few instant queues for peeps.

My 3 toons and I will be around probably every evening off and on.

Catch me whenever

Annaliesa can be around a bit Tuesday and Wednesday (not too late, early work sched.) to do new things :)!

Anriis will be on in the evenings, attempting to tank new and old content. I'm not terrible, but be warned. If anyone sees Anriis online and needs a tank for a heroic, just give me a shout. I'm better geared for DPS and can bring the pain if that's needed instead.

I'd like to run the new instances on Lights, ZG was one of my favorite raids lol, free, tuesday and thursday for now.

Carg will be around, as I pretty much always am, although likely not quite as early as I am on raid nights. But we should be able to get plenty of troll-smashing done this week.

Mahoofs(shammy) Youkochan(hunter)

Any day this week, nothing past midnight tho.

A few of us have been distracted with the League of Legends...However, there are rumors that the mages will get buffed in the AOE...thats some good clean fun right there.

Eppyrose wants to heal them

Good thing we didn't raid. Have read a bunch of reports saying ODS was broken last night. Then again it's not like the instance servers were working right last night.