10 Year Anniversary Tribes 2 Semi-finals Cast Tonight

The Tribes 2 Ten Year 12man Anniversary Tournament is now in its final stages.

It began with 10 teams and now there are only 3 left. The final position for the final is being decided tonight. The winner of the match tonight will face off against Rageholics next Sunday night in the final.

Team Blue vs Team Knight

Both teams have come together pretty and both consist of some outstanding players who appear to gel together into a tight unit. It should be a very good game.

The maps are Feign, Midnight Mayhem Deluxe, followed by Harvester.

Feign is a very open and fast paced map with plenty of flag grabs which means that most caps will be a result of the team which is better able to keep then enemy flag at their base while their offense successfully retrieve.

Midnight Mayhem Deluxe will be a grind. With the flag contained indoors each team with have to pound away in a coordinated fashion and hope that with a bit of luck someone can get the flag out whereby the entire team will then be able to cluster around it in order to get it home. Last week in the Rage vs ReD match this map went into 5 overtimes with both teams not willing to give up a cap although both teams almost got the flag home many times.

Harvester is quite a dynamic map which employs a lot of strategy. Some teams play air superiority more if the have players capable of the role. It will be a toss up between whether teams tend to focus on a flag based game or divide their offense between trying shut down the other teams assets/power and the flag. It should be a very entertaining map.

Cast will begin shortly after 10pm USA EST.

The live video stream will be viewable at the following link.

The cast will be available in high quality as a torrent at the following link sometime later...

It will also be uploaded on Youtube at the following link...

First map score 7-3 to Blue.

Second map about to start.

480 version of the cast.