XBox Live Indie Catch-All: Dry Spell

UPDATED April 19 2011

Some of us have braved the world of XBox Live Community Games, now known as XBox Live Indie Games (XBLIG). There are tons of titles (the Wiki says 1300), and there are some decent games and even some great games in there. There are also, however, unbelievably bad flaming turds, games with potential but no polish, games with visual polish with no potential, etc. Pretty much, there's everything in the mother f*cker.

Pricing is a little wonky in here. You can find awesome stuff for $1, and you can uncover crap for $5. The sweet-point I've been finding recently is $1, for some titles like Angry Barry you'll pay a bit more. I will say that some of the titles are more tech demos than games, and some play better than XBox Live Arcade games.

And do you think you can do better? I can't do sh*t with this, but here's a book for learning XNA 4.0 by Aaron Reed.

MaxShrek's Recommendations

Alpha Squad, Angry Barry, Beat Hazard
Infinity Danger
Lethal Judgment & Lethal Judgment Origins, Prismatic Solid
Radiangames: Ballistic, Crossfire, Crossfire 2, Fireball, Fluid, Inferno, JoyJoy
The Tempura of the Dead, Twin Blades, Ultratron, Vorpal

Dirchie Kart, Explosionade, Hypership Out of Control
Revolver 360, Shoot 1UP, Toy Stunt Bike

The Big Honkin' List of XBLI Titles

360 Video Poker, 8 Ball Champion, 10 Seconds or Less, 1337 Ship Deathmatch, 15 Puzzle, 2010: A New Threat, 2060 Cyber Racer, 2176 Supernova Storm, 2win Ghost, 3 in 1 game compilaton, 360 Liners, 360 Mega App Pack HD, 360 Mega App Pack HD Remix, 3D Infinity, 7 Strains: The Infections, 8 Ball Bool Champion, 8-bit Girlfriend, A Game you Can't Beat 1&2, A Bomb's Way, A Day at Grandma's House, A Dreamland Chronicles Game, A Fading Memory, A Frog Game, A Game for Alexander, A Game of (Hockey, Tennis,) A Jumper Robot Adventure, A Killer's Dream, A Kitchen Sink War, A Madman's Guide to Happiness, A Perfect Massage, A Robots Conundrum, A Shooter, A Snowman's Survival, A Wizard's Odyssey

A, cont..

Aardbloxx, AIR Play, Aagh!, Ahh Impossible Rescue, Aah Little Atlantis, Aardvark, Aaron's Ping-Pong, Abaddon & Retribution, Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes, ABC Fun, Abduction Action!, Abronium Party, Absorb, Abstacked, Academy Trivia, Ace Gals Tennis, Aceball, Acid Rain, Acid Rain Heroes, Action Arcade Wrestling, Acupwnture, Add Some Light, Adrenaline, Adrift, Advanced Rock Paper Scissors, Adventure Pets HD, Adventures of Capt. Becky, Adventures of Rocaman, Adventures of Sid & Christmas Special, Aesop's Garden, Agent MOO: Maximum Overdrive, Ahoy Pirates, Aimeroids, Air Forte, Air Legends, Akimbo Paddles!, Akujin, Alawishus Pixel, Alchemist, Alderman, Alien Hunter, Alien Pyramid Challenge, Alien Super Mega Blaster, Aliens go Boom, Allegory, Allied Assault Squadron, All Out of Bubblegum, Almost Total Mayhem, A Lot Of Balls, Alpha Blasters, Alpha Chimp Ep. 1, Alpha Squad, Altar of Gems, A-MAze!-ING, Amass and Collapse, Amazing Facts, Amazing Wizard, Ambient Water, Aminal the Christmas Game, Amniotic, Amoeba Generator, Ancient Trader

Anger Management 1&2&4, Angle of Attack, Angry Barry, Angry Brainless Bovines, Angry Robot Rampage, Ant Mission, Anti-Aircraft Warfare, Antibody 3D, Antigrav Racing Championship, Antipole, Apehlion 1&2, Apple Jack, Aquarium HD, Arbor Vitae, ARC Ninja & Viking editions, Arcade Snake, Arcane Brawlers, ArchRobo Robotic Annihilation, Arctic Ball Grind, Are you fast enough?, Are you Smart Enough?, Aria, Arkedo Series (1-Jump, 2-Swap, 3-Pixel), ArkX, Armor Valley, Around the World, Arriba, Arrow Run, Arrowstorm II, As Easy as 123 Blackjack, Ask Angela!, Asphalt Jungle, Astero Defender, Asteroid Capture, Asteroids Do Concern Me, Asteroid Pooper, Asteroid Sharpshooter, Astro Match3, Astro Taxi 1&2, Astroman, Asylum, Atomhex, Atomic Sound, Attack of the Verbose Dinosaur, Audiball, Audio Diagnostics, Aurelia, AutoMopion, Autospira, Autumn, Ava the Firefly, Avalis Dungeon, Avalon_Legend, Awesome Tank, Azubi's Pool of Bethesda

Ava Bash, AvaGlide, Avatar Adventure, Avatar Alarm Clock, Avatar Aquarium, Avatar Avenue, Avatar Banker, Avatar Baseball, Avatar Blaster, Avatar Boogie 1&2, Avatar Bowling, Avatar Bowman 1&2, Avatar Bump, Avatar Bumper Cars, Avatar Calendar, Avatar Cannon, Avatar Cash Dash, Avatar Crate Crusaders, Avatar Dash, Avatar Deluxe Blackjack, Avatar Drop, Avatar Fact or Fiction, Avatar Golf, Avatar Grand Prix, Avatar Hamster Panic, Avatar Hangman, Avatar High Five, Avatar Hunter, Avatar Hurdle, Avatar Insane Race 3D, Avatar Jump, Avatar Karate, Avatar Karting, Avatar Kung Fu, Avatar Laser Tag, Avatar Laser Wars, Avatar Man, Avatar Massage, Avatar Match, Avatar Meet Up Live, Avatar Mini Putt Challenge, Avatar Ninja, Avatar Onslaught & Blizzard, Avatar Orbitroid, Avatar Paintball, Avatar Penalty Kick, Avatar Penalty Shootout, Avatar Pinball, Avatar Pumpkin Smash, Avatar Puzzle Pop, Avatar Quest, Avatar QuizCall 1&Africa2010&XMasEdition, Avatar Racedrome, Avatar Ragdolls, Avatar Rockets, Avatar Run, Avatar Scent Wars, Avatar Shatter, Avatar Showdown, Avatar Slam Dunk, Avatar Snake, Avatar Snowball Fight, Avatar Squadron, Avatar Street Basketball, Avatar Surfing Challenge, Avatar Takedown, Avatar Warriors, Avatar Wave Snowball Fight, Avatar Zombie Massager Extreme, Avatar Fly!, AvatarFever- Capture the Spice, Avatarmageddon, Avatar's Rock, Avatars Skate Old Spice, Avatars VS Zombies, Avatars Ghosts'n Zombies, Avatour

B.U.T.T.O.N., Baby Maker Extreme, Baby Soothing Machine, Baby Maker Extreme 1&2, Baby Mammoth's Journey to Mars, Backyard Battles, BACTERIO, Bad Atom Episode 1, Bad Golf, Bail!, Bailout!, Balate The Last Kingdom, Ball Wing, Ballern2D, Balloon Blocks, Balloon Boy, BallsAndBlocks, B-A-Mazed, Banana Split, Barf and Beer, Barnstormer, Basketball Machine, Basketball Trick Shot, Battle High: San Bruno, Beach Bubbles, Beat Hazard, Beatblox, Bed Time Nursery Rhymes, Beer Pong, Beer Screensaver, Being, Bennu, Bible Navigator X:HCSB, Bible Trivia, Big Tidy Up, Bigger And/Or Better, Bingo Party, Bioerosion, Biohack, Biology Battle, Bird Assassin, Bit Crunch, BitStream, BizSchool Twist-Ed, Bizzy Bee, Blackjack, Blackjack Strategy King, Blast, Blaster & (Amethyst, Morion), Blaze of Glory

Blazin' Balls, Blazin' Balls Xtreme Edition, BlindGiRl, Blockhead, Blood on the Dance Floor, Blood Tempest, Bloody Death, BloomBlock, Bloop!, Blow, Blox, Bluebones Curse, Blurball, Bobbin's Quest, Bobby Says Dance with Me, Bomb Disposal Expert, Bomber Boing, Bombs Away, Bonded Realities, BoneD: Dead Men Don't Jump, Bonk!, Boogeyman, Boom Chick Chick, Boom Kikker, Bob N Pop, Border Wars, Bored Meeting, Boring Space Shooter, Bounce!, BounceCrazy, BowlingX, Br00t4l Qwest, Brain Jump, Brain Party, Brainbox 360, Break In, Break Limit, Break The invaders, Breath of Death VII, Breeze, Brethren of the Coast, bricks4ever, Brix, Bubble Buster, BugO StinkO, Bug Race, Bullet Trap, Bumblicity, Burn 1420, Burning Fist of Rage, Bush Hunt, Bust a Wall, Button Memory, ButtonHoldingExtravaganzaParty, Buttons

Bat-L-Blocks, Battle Ball, Battle Beat, Battle Bubbles Four Corners, Battle Havoc, Battle Tanks, Battlesweeper, BattleSX, Battleworms, BattleX

Bloc, Block Destruction, Blockey, Block Fight, (Different?) Block Fight, Block Killer, Block Puzzle's Revenge, Block Smash, Blockbuster, Blockey, Blockplus, Blocks Indie, Blokz Rokz, Blocks

C.L.E.S. Party, Calculator 360, CannoBlast, Cannon #12, CannonBotGo, Can You Handle 2 At Once?, Capture the Oong, Carcophony, CardArcade, Carneyvale Showtime, Carrum, Casino Nights, Cassie's Corner, Castle Ninja, Catch Me If You Can, Catch 22, Cattle Crashers, CaveIn: Miner Rescue Team, Caveman vs Aliens, Cecil Jenkins, Celebrate, Cell Life, Cell, Cepinas, Cerebral Arena, Chain Reaction, Chalked, Change of color, Chaos, Chaos Getaway, Chaos Node, Chaos Shift, Charlie Cat's Hot Air Ballon, Chemical Chaos, CheneyStar, Chick Chick Chicky, Chillax HD, Chipmunk Christmas, Choc-a-riffic, Chopsticks, Chris Unarmed, Christmas Tree & 3D, Chromatism, Chu’s Dynasty, Circa, City Condemened, City Rain, Clock 24-7, Clover & Curious Tale, Coastal Defence, Cocktail Paradise, Cocktails: shake it up, Codex, Colaris, Cold War Commander, College Lacrosse 11, Colony Defense, Color, Color Break, ColorBox, Colosseum, Colosseum Hammerball, Colotristar, Combat Tanks 1&2, Comet!, Commander World 1, Concentrix, Concept Car Series 2010, Console Info, Constrictor, Constructor360, Contagion, Controdazone, Controller Doctor, Convextrix, Copter Crush 2, Coral's Curse, CoreDase, Corrupted, Corsair, Cosmic Cab, Cosmic Crash, Couples Sudoku, Cow Catch, Crate Expectations, Crazy Ball, Crazy Coins, Crazy Ride with Zombies, Crazy Wizard in Creepy Castle, Creed Arena, Crescendo Symphony, Criminals Under Arrest, Crimson Blues, Crisis in the Gulf, Crisis :North Korea, Crossfire 1&2, CRON, Crosstown, Crystal Crush, Crystal Spear remake, CTG, Cthulu Saves the World, Cuadro, Cubage, Cubism, Cubix Classic, CuBlocks, Cuckoo Crack, Curling 2010, Curse of the Crescent Isle, Cut and Run, Cutouts!, Cyber Lander, Cybersnake, Cyborg Mice Arena

Classic Baker's Dozen, Classic FreeCell, Classic Minesweeper, Classic Solitaire, Classic Spider, Classicard

D.O.T.S., Dangerous Conflicts 3D, Dark, Dark Seal, Dark Skies: Constellations, Dark Skies: Messier, Darts Arena, Datastream Y2K6000, D-Cyper, Dead Meat, DeadlySpace, Death, Death & Failure, Decay 1-3, Decimation X&X3, Defender of Zorgaba, Defense Matrix, Defy Gravity, Delta Energy II, Demo Durb, Destruction Tank, Device Hero, Dice XY, Didgery, Dino 'Splode, Dirchie Kart, Distant Galaxies, Distraction, Divided Combat, Divining Orb, Division Omega, Dock'em, Dodge These Balls, Dogfight SKETCH, Dokee and the Musical Rain, Dont B Nervous Talking 2 Girls, Don't Fear the Sweeper, Doodleman, Doppleganger, Dossun Island & World, Dot Error, DoubleVision, Dr. Mazing, Dr. Popper, Drag Impact, Dragon Chess, Dragoon, Dreams of Witchtown, Drift, Drinkards, Drizzle, Dromedary, Drooop!!, Drop Zone, Drum Studio & Platinum, Drum Xplosion, Drunk Zombies, Dual Zone, Dude-Where's My Avatar?, Duel: The Art of Combat, Duende, Dungeon Adventure, Dungeon Tales, Duodecad, Duologue, DUOtrix, Dust Devils, Dysnomia

Earth Shaker, Easter Bunneh, Easy Golf, Echoes+, Ectoplasmic Wars, Electron Defense, ElectonZ, EleMental Orbs, Elfland Reloaded, Elite Pinball HD, Elite Trivia, Endless Swarm, Enemy at the Gate, Epic Dungeon, Epiphany in Spaaace, Equitunes, Escape, Escapism, ETMD, Euphorium, Evacuation, Excruciating Guitar Voyage, Exelinya Burst, Exhaust, Exisled, Experiment 12&13, Explosionade, Extreme Ball, Extreme Jigsaw Madness, Extreme RPS Online, Extreme Skill, Eye-Ball, EyeCandy: Chromadose, EZMuze Break and House & Hamst3r edition, FallDown, Falling, Falling Down, Fast Food, Fatal Abyss, Fear The Dronx, Felix: Tale of the Night, Field Archer, Fields Reloaded, Fifteen, Fight Monkey of Magic, Figment, Filler, Final Rift, Find Teddy, Finger Twist-Up, Finish 1&2, Firebies, Fitba, Fittest, Flash Card for Kids, Flatland, Flight Adventure, Flipside, Flotilla, Fluidityk, Fly Butterfly Fly, Flytrap, Foosball for Two, Football Games Room & League Simulator, For Glory, Forklift, Fortresscraft Ch1, Fortune Cookies -In Bed, Four Corners, Four Player Tangerine Fight, Freak Out, FreaKick, Frequency, Fridgy, Frog Splat, Fruit Attack, Fruitbash, FS Racing, Fuel Depot 360, Full Contact Racing, Fumbo, Funky Punch XL, Funny Mini Golf, Furball

Fire, Fire Up, Firecracker HD, Fireplace, Fireworks HD, Fireworks Spectacular

Fishcraft, Fish Hunter, Fish Listening to Radio, Fish Racer Arcade, Fish Squid Time Machine, Fishbowl, Fishie Fishie FIfty, Fishing Girl

G! Galactic Escape, Galax-e-mail, Gallery: Landscapes&World Cities, Ganbare, Garden Gnome Carnage, Garrett the Slug, GemChase, Gentlemacho, Gerbil Physics 1&2, German 101, Get Rich or Die Gaming, Get the Ball, Get to the Choppa!!1, Get Your Girlfriend Into Games, GGCX, GhastlyGhouls, Gitigiti, Gizmo the Puzzle, Glide, Glitnir, Globe Clicker, Globoid, Go, Go 3D, Go Avatar Go, Go Go UFO Smackdown, Goblyn Stomp, Golden Tangram, Goldens, Good Sir A Balloon Race!, Googly Eyed Splitters, GoonyCru Day One, Got Balls?, Grabby Grabby Plushy Plushy, Graffiti Live!, GraphSpacer, GrappleBoy, Grave Breaker, Gravi Dot, Graviton & AI, Gravitron360, Gravity, Gravity Bounce, GravSheep, Green Island, Grid Chasers, Groov, Guardian, Guitar Tuner 360, Gum Drop Celestial Frontier, Gumzoobo!, Guns Loaded, Gyroball

Game 35, Game about a soup factory, Game Created by a 5th Grader, Game Training Vol 1:Dexterity Vol 2:Flight, Gamefarm Math Quiz, Gamefinder, Gamerbots: Third-Robot Shooting

H0W 2 P1NG, HakiSekai, Halfbrick Blast Off, Halfbrick Echoes, Halfbrick Rocket Racing, Halloween HD, Hang'em High a Hangman Game, Hangman, Hangman's Revenge, Happy Jump, Happyface, Hard 2 Morrow, Harmonium, HaXor LooZ, Hazardous Gas Unit, Head Banger, Head Shot 1&2&z, Heavy Payload, Heli Good Spelunker, Helico Hero, Help Fight Breast Cancer, Henway, Herman, Hexement, Hexothermic, Hideout!, Hieronymous Bash, High Stakes Zombie Monkeys, Hive, Hive Attack, Hoardz, Hockey Fights, Holiday Bonus, Holiday Trivia, Hollow Ball, Holy Moley, Home Run Challenge, Homeslice & the Zombie Bunnies, Honor in Vengeance, Horn Swaggle Island, Hot Potato HD, Hotel Danger, House of Cockroach, House of Spice, How Smart Are You? IQ Test, Hoyle Texas Hold'Em, Human Invasion, HuntersLunch, Hurdle Turtle, Hydro Electric Worker, Hyper Button, Hypercube Arcade, Hypership Out of Control, Hypno Vol. 1, Hypnotizing,

I Accidentally...In Space! Ep1, i Candy, I Heart Shift, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, I Suck at Word Games, Ice 9, Ice Crush 10,000 BC, iFate Tarot Explorer, ig Pool, Ikaroids, Immunogen, Impact of Towers, Impossible Shoota, Impossibly Dodgeable, Impossible Game & The Impossible Game Level Pack, Infinity Danger, In the Pit, IncaBlocks, Incident at Dreamy Vale Church, Incursion, Indirian Solitaire, Inertia, Inevitable Outcome, Infect ED, Inferno Ball, Inflamous, Influence, Insane Bash, Insanity, Inside Lacrosse's 2010, Invader, Invasion Defender, Ionball, Iredia: Atram's Secret, Iris, iRiS 2.0, Isagoras, Jackpot Stadium, Jake's Discount Video Game, Jake's Room, Jammer, Japanese Robot Shooter game, Japanorama, Jet Pack War, Jetpack Man, Jewel Dervish, Jewelry Master Twinkle & Twinkle Light, JigDoku, Jigsaw Guru, Jigsaw World, Jimbo Vs Legion of Darkness, Johnny Platform Saves Christmas & Biscuit Romp, Johnny's Minefield, Johnny's Skydiving Lessons, Joint Strike Future, Jonny Crush, Juggle!, Juggler, Jump Duck, Jumper Robot, Jump'm Bounce, Jungle Animal Chess, Jungle Blocks, Jungle Friendzy, Junior Street Ninja, Junk Fields, Junkyard Battle, Jurassic, Kaiten Patissier, Kaleidoscope, KALM, Kaotik Puzzle, Kapture, Karnn Age & Light, KGB Ep. 1, Killa Hurtz, King Spray, Kissy Poo, Knights of Jadora, Knock Balls, Kodu Game Lab, Kollective360, Kong360: Gorilla Warfare, Kozu, Krazy Alienz, Krisotron, Kubrik 3D, Kuchibi, kukaku

Laser Logic, Lazy Gamer, Lethal Judgment & Lethal Judgment Origins, Let's Draw A Picture Together!, Let's Learn Japanese, Leucistic Wyvern, Lewjmele, Leximo, Licky Licky Lizards, Life, Lite Bikes 360, Light Catcher, Light's End, Lights Off, L'il Demons Splatter, Lines, Link Attack, Little Green Men, Little Racers, Livelayer Prototype, Load, Lodestar 1000, LOL LOL Kitty Commando, LOL Runner, Lone Gunner, Loot Steal & Destroy, Lord Ownage: Unbritish Invasion, Lotus Stellar Conflict, Love Hurts, Lumi, Lunacy, Maid_San's Caving Adventure, Marsman: Long Range, Mind's Eye of Jupiter, Miner Dig Deeper, Minesweeper Mayhem, MiniGolf 360, Minigolf Mania, Mirror, Missile Escape, Missing Reel, Mithra Ep1Ch1, Modern Pirate Hunter Ep1, MoleGame, Molly the Were-Zompire, Monaco 360 retro racing, MonkeyAirBoard, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, Monsters Elect, Monster Swimming, Moon Taxi, Moonshine, MothBallz, MotorHEAT, Mouse Maze, Movipas, Mower, Mr BeatLoop, Murder on Snake Road, Murphid, Music Roll, Musical Advent Calendar, MusicNow!Musicus 1&2, Mutant Zombie Onslaught, Mute Crimson, Muvizzle, MyBand, myChristmas, myFishtank

Nasty, Nebulon, nega, Nieghbourhood is Gang Infested, Neo Terra, Neon Paddles, neutrino wars, New Year Countdown, newton vs The Horde, Newton's New Tones, Nextwar: The Quest for Earth, Nice Try, Night, Night of Doom 1&2, Nightmare, NLL Lacrosse 2010&2011, No Frills Cross Sums & Soduko, NoEnd, Nomis: Legacy Islands, Notebook Shooter, Nova Lancer, Nuclear Wasteland, Nuke Your Neighbor, Null Divide, Obesity Epidemic, Ocean Scenes, Octagon, Of Steel and Sorcery, Office Affairs, Office DisOrders, Oh Noes!!1, Oh Snap, Oichokabu Online, Old School Adventure, Old School Destruction, Old School Racer, Old Space, Old Spice fresh card& Racers, Olu, omg cats [email protected]#$, On A Roll, Onager, Onslaught, Opoeration Old Spice, Ophidian Wars: Opac's Journey, Opposites, Orbit One, Orbital Arena, Orbitroid, Orbyx Mystic Orbs of Chaos, Organon, Origin, Origin X, Osr unhinged, Outbreak On Uranus, Overkill, Overscan Sniper HD, Oozi

Ninja 360, Ninja Bros, Ninja Chop, Ninja Escape, Ninja Guardian, Ninja Stole My Bike, Ninja Train, Ninja vs Zombie

Packito lost in space, Paddle Baddle, Paint Boll, Painting Beats, Painting Party, Paipa, Pallet Loader, Pan-Global Racing Syndicate, Panic Attack Devil's Favorite, Paper Sky, Paradox, Partyboat, Pass the Pad!, Pastry Wars, Patterns of Light, PebbleDash, Pegzo, Pellets Quadrastack, Pellmell, Pendoku, Pengo's Peril, Penkin Ball Dodge, PentimoGo, Pentominon, percussONE, Perlmania, Perplaxis, Petank Party, Petunk. Pew Pew Pew & Pew Pew Pod, Phat Fly!, Philip Muwanga's Hexy Trench, Physics Lab, Physics Sandbox 1&2, Picture Slider, Pie Collect, Pilot Test, Ping Time, Pinky vs Blocks, Pioneer, Pioneer X, Pirate Cubes, Planet Crashmania 9,000,000, Planet Delta, Planet Pinball, Planet Popper, Plasma Spheres 1&2, Plasma Tv break In, Platformance: Castle Pain, Platypus, Play x Play! Guitar, Playing with Humans, Plows in Hell, Plucky's 3D Adventure, Pocoro, PointMass, PolyWobble, Pop Quiz, Powa Volley & Classic, Power Hour, Primary Attack, Prismatic, Prismatic Solid, Project Alpha, Project Delta, Project Gert: Moonbreaker, Project Zero, Protect Zoey from the Zombies, Proximity 2, Pulsar, Pumpkin Carver, Pumpkin Chop 1&2, Pure Carnage, PushCrates, Pushy, Pwn age 31337AD, Pwnage of Empires, Pwnd, PyroManic Solo

Pixel Boarder, Pixel Man, Pixel Mix, Pixel Whirled, Pixelbit Snooker & Pool, Pixelkiller, Pixelpix

Poker Blinds, Poker Night, Poker Squares, Poker Stacker 1&2

Puzzle DeFusion, Puzzle Drop Mountain Set, Puzzle Lights, Puzzle Pandemonium, Puzzle, Puzzlix, Puzzwords, PuzzXXI

QbTron 3D, Qoccer, Quad Force, QuadTrix, Quantum Ninja, Quarantine, Quarry, Quarx, Quick Draw 2, Quickball, Quizocalypse, Rabid Gophers, Racer Rocket, Radial Gun, RadRiverRun, RAID, Rail Gun Charlie, Rainbow Ball into Adventure, Ranger, Rapunzel's Fight Knight, Rate my Avatar, RBR Fading Memories, RC Airplane Challenge, RC Helicopter Sim, RC Racing 360, RC AirSim, Rebound, Reef Rave, Reflex Turbo 3, Relative Space, Relativity, Relic Raider, Remote Masseuse, resistanceBlocks, reTension, Retent, Retro One Pt 1-3, Retrofit, Overload, Retrovaders, Return All Robots, Return of the Noose, Revenge of the Ball, Revenge of the Evil Aliens, Reversi, Revolver 360, Ricochet Assassin, Rift, Ring of Fire, Ripple, Rock A Block, Rock Blocks, Rock Paper Scissors xTreme, Rock4U, Rocket Fart, Roid Riot, Rotorize, RotorMania, Rotor, Rotor'scope, RPaints, Rubble Muddle, Rumble Checkers Online, Rumble Massage, Run, Run Away, Run Rectangle! Jump! Shoot!, Runic, Runic 3D

Ballistic, Crossfire, Crossfire II, Fireball, Fluid, Inferno, JoyJoy

Samurai vs Zombie, Santa and the Zombie Encounter, Santa Bomber, Satellite Eagle, Satellite, Satellites, sdbm-1, Scallywags, Scare Me, Scatha, Score Rush, Scrambled Egzz, Scribble Defense, Sea Blast, Seaside Racing, See The Light, Seizonrenda, SFG Beach Volleyball, SFG Office Brawlers, SFG Soccer, Shake!, Shardscape Assault, Sharpshooter, Shed, Shellblast HD, Shiatsu Massage, Shield Defense, Shield the Beat, Shoot Your Self, Shopping Crazy, Sidehill Gouger, Sidewalk Sally, Silent Call, Simply Hangman, sin(surfing), Singularity, Sirtet, SketchBox 360, Sketchy Tower Defense, SkullAttack, Skully, Skwug, Sky Defender, Slam, Slam Indie, Sleepwalker, SlideColors, SlimeVolleyball 2.5D, Slingstar, Slowturn Checker, Smart Splitter, Smashell, Smiley Smashout, Snail Shot Torpedo, Snail Story, Snalien Invasion, Snax Lite, Sniper Defense, Snooker & Pool, Snow Day, Snowball Showdown, Snowball Fight, Snowman's Dilemma, So Many Girls So Little Time, Soaring Santa,

SOG SOFT 001 Comet, Sol Invasion, Sol Survivor, Solar, Solar Hoops, Solar Struggle: Survival, Solar Struggle, Solar Systen 4D, Solicheck, Solve It, SOS, Soul, Soul Caster, Soulcaster II, Spanish 101, Spatial Rift, Speed, Speed Factory, SpeedMath, Spell Find, Spermatazoon, Spherendipity, Spider Evader, Spiders! Why Spiders?, Spin, Spinnr, Spirit Whirled, Spooky, Spot the Difference, Spring Break in Zombie USA, Spring Up Harmony, Spy Chameleon, Sqong, Sqong Christmas, Square Off, Squee Pig Piggle BBQ, Squid, Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!, Squirm, SSRGfm, Stack of Bricks, Starrzle, Steam Heroes, Stereo3D Gallery, Stick 'Em Up, Stick Massage, Stick Unleashed, Stop the Woodcutter, Storage Inc, Storm, StormGate, Story Tale Mania 360, Storybook Tactics, Strategy Soccer, Strategic Warfare Conflict, Streamline, Streets of Fury, StrikeForce-Psi, Stunning Stunts, Subliminal Suggestions, Sudoku X, SudokuGeek, Summer Breeze, Summer Vacation, Sumo, Sushi Bumper, Sushido, Suuey, Swamp Defense, Sweepy, Switch!, Switchboard, Sword and Hammer, Sword of Rapier, Sword&Magic, Swords & Monsters, Synesthesia Amnesia, Synth Jam, System Override

Shoot 1UP, Shoot the Rocks, Shooting Chicken Revenge, Shooting Models

Snake, Snake Death, Snake Eyes, Snake Jam, Snake Man, Snake Maze, Snake 360, Snake 360 Lite, Snake 4D, Snaker Ace

Space Gladiator, Space Math, Space Maze, Space Milkman, Space Nuggets, Space Pirates from Tomorrow, Space Poker, Space Police on Superhighway, Space Racer, Space Radar Opera 360, Space Swine, SpaceAttack, SpaceCombat, Spaceman, Spaceship Game for Kids

Star Chart, Star Crisis, Star Cross, Star Dash, Star Hammer Tactics, Starbase Epsilon, Starchon, StarField Battle 1&2, Starfighter, Starlight, StarPilot

Super Avatar, Super Avatar Hero Force, Super Avatar World, Super Janitoroid, Super Sequence, Super Tricky, Super XBlox 360!, Supercow, Super Sequence 2, Superspace 1&2, Super Tank Run

Techno Kitten Adventure, They Came from the Ground, This is Hard, This Way That Way, TicTacToe, Tiger Storm, Tile Trip, Time and Tune, Time Flows but Does Not Return, TiME K, Tiny Tim's Tremendous Tank, Titamus Attack T-KARA, Toad Man's Bizarre Quest, Tobe's Vertical Adventure, Toddler Tantrum, TOKYO 2029 AD, Tomato Blaster, Torino-X, Total Monarchy, Totem, Tower Revolution, Towers, Toxic, Toy Cars, Toy Invasion, Toy Stunt Bike, ToyBorgs, Toybox Racing, Track Architect, Trajectory, TransSubversion, Trapped, Treasure Treasure: FFEE, Trick or Treat, Trickshot, TriLiner ReAct, Trino, Tripple, Trivia or Die, True Exorcism, Truth or Dare, Truth or Treason, Try Not To Fart, Tug Of Four, Tunescape, Turret Battlefield, TV Calibration, Twin Blades, Twinstick: This Ain't No Picnic, TWP Spine of the World, Txingurri, Type Attack

The Adhara War, The American Hot Dog Race, The Answer to Life, The Ballet of Light and Shadow, The Brain of Bob, The Bunny Game, The Charge, The Collector, The Conquest of Planet Earth, The Deep Cave, The Drinking Game, The Earth Machine, The Earth Move With The Moon, The Endless Abyss, The Exterminator, The Factory, The Fart Machine II, The Flashlight, The Flight Before Christmas, The Flow, The Galactic Aquarium, The Gravity Effect, The Headsman, The Hearts of Man, The Impossible Game & Level Packs, The Last Cannonball, The Manly Game, The Most Addicting Sheep Game, The No Button Game, The Omniscient Orb, The Oracle, The Perfect Match, The Perfect Pickup Line, The Periodic Table, The Quest for Freshness, The Shadows of the Underworld, The Spirit Box, The Sugar Killerz, The Tempura of the Dead, The Tower: A Bomb's Climb, The Towers of Cedrick, The Tribes of Ursea, The Visualizer, The war of the end of days, The Wizards Who Fell In A Hole, The XMas Chainsaw Massacre, The Zombie Shotgun Massacre 1&2, TheAmazingRumblingHypnoDisc

U want Cookie?, UAV Wars, Ubergridder, Udder Chaos, UFO Commando, Ultimate Arcade Chat Rooms, Ultimate Drums, Ultimate Electronic Drums, Ultra Dual X Racer, Ultra Powered Massager, Ultratron, Ultraviolet, Undead Empire, United States of Zombieland, Unplugged, unRevolutionary, Untitled Prologue, Uprising, URA Kaiten Patissier, Urban Space Squirrels, Vaderz, Valet Parking Inc, Valhyre, Vampire Rage, VectorForce, Vega Magnitude, Veks & Silence, Velocity, Venatio Creo, Vertigo, Very Hungry Pumpkin, Vexis, Video Poker, Virtual Fireplace, Vorpal

Wacky Karts, Wacky Water Fun, Walketh, War of Words, War Ships, War: The Card Game Advanced, Warbirds at Work, Way of the Exploding Balls, Wayne the Brain, Weapon of Choice, Werewolf Hallow, West, Whack Em in a Hole, Whakman, What The?!, When Zombies Meet Avatars, WhipCrack, Who Did I Date Last Night, Wiwi's Adventures 2, Wizard Apprentice, Wizard's Keep, Wizard's Tower Screen Saver, Wool, World Clock, World Molder, World Revolution, World War Toon, Writer's Block

Word Attack Action, Word Duelist, Word Soup, Words in a Word, Words of Wisdom, Words Search, Wordsearch Rush, WordWise, Wordzy

X OVER, XCross, Xeno Arena, Xenocide, XMas Defender, XMas Taxi, XNcAve, Xortron, XTreme Polygon 1&2, xTreme Surfer x, YASS, yOm_fury, You Can't Win!, You Will Die, Your Doodles Are Bugged, Zap Zap: Pew Pew, Zatacka 360, Zen Sound, ZenHak, Zens 360, Zombiegeddon, Zoom, Zoomaroom, ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse, Zulu Hour

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Awesome work on that bannery thingy.

To actually contribute, there are two old school RPGs by the same guy that are quite good: Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World. One and three dollars respectively, I believe.

Ooh, I'll second the recommendation for Hypership Out of Control, which is an interesting take on an old idea. The DGR guys reviewed it in their podcast from the 3rd Oct 2010 - 29:20 in I think.

Also, I found Machiavelli's Ascent a really pretty and relaxing distraction. It's a game in which you play a jellyfish attempting to reach the surface from the sea-floor by "riding" bubbles which fire you upwards a short distance. You must steer between these bubbly boosts and chain them together in order to continually climb; as soon as you start slipping backwards it's game over and you need to start again from the sea-floor. You steer left and right using the left and right triggers which makes it far more of a challenge than it would initially appear. I think it cost me a £1 and I've played it enough to cover that completely, not something that I'd drop everything to play, but definitely a fun little aside.

Radiangames' last title on XBLI: Ballistic ($1). If you like Geometry Wars and are a sucker for simple yet complex graphics, than this is one is for you. There are 7 total titles from Radiangames on XBLI, all but 2 are twin-stick shooters, but all are $1, and all are pretty good. (I still have to re-size the screens)



This week actually has a game where you create life. Sort of. "Spermatazoon." Even the people behind this game are excited for it. Here's what it says:

Spermatozoon is an original game where your objective is to fertilize an ovum. You can play alone or with 2-4 players locally for even more fun.

Ringing endorsement, or endorsing a ringer?

Today I noticed the titles of a new game, it's called.. wait for it..

... Ninja Stole My Bike.

Protect Me Knight is the best game I have ran into as of yet. I'm trying to get some friends to play some CO-OP. 4 players protect the princess with 4 different classes and build walls to defend her. It's sort of a brawl mix with tower defense.

Check out the video.

Also Dig Deep Miner is also another favorite of me mine. Video here.

I'll check them out soon, right now I'm recovering from Old School Destruction and its horrible load times and meh gameplay. The stupid silly load time- and this could be something with my machine I suppose- seemed to eat up almost half of the trial game time. That's 1st generation PSP-type horrible right there.

The quality is equally getting better and worse in the XBLI.

One of the Indie developers is hitting the semi-big-time, Mommy's Best Games is developing an indie tie-in to Serious Sam's upcoming release. Mommy's version is Serious Sam: Double D. And, it's got something that is particularly awesome: the Gunstacker.


A gun-stacker?! That was my dream as a child!

If you've played Warning Forever on the PC, then Infinity Danger from Milkstone Studios may be up your alley on XBox Indies, and at $1? Awesome. As much as I like the Warning Forever vector look, Infinity's fleshed-out graphics are decent for an indie title. Some good Boss Battles in this one.

They keep banging out games, but most of them keep banging into the wall. Fortresscraft Chapter 1 is out but I've been unable to demo it, I guess it's a buy-only clone-ripoff of Minecraft for the 360 being released in $1 chapters to keep cost down.

::taps microphone::


Joystiq just posted about a new XBLIG called Arcadecraft that came out today.

You are the owner of a brand new arcade in 1980, and you have 2 years to pay back your business loan and its interest. You choose which machines to buy, where to place them, you go around and empty the coin bins, get to throw out unruly customers, and deal with the regular day-to-day stuff with managing an arcade in the 80s.

And its actually awesome and fun to play.

The music is good for an XBLIG, and the graphics are certainly above par.

And it's only $3/240 space bucks.

Also, there's a Steam Greenlight campaign going on for it as well.