Street Fighter x Tekken x Street Fighter Catch All.


It's happening. The two biggest names in fighting games are putting out 2 games together.





So the Capcom produced one might not have a tag system but you can definately call in help during ultras.

We'll make a second thread for Namco x Street Fighter if we need to.

This is all the news we have right now. More as things develop.

Update: According to eurogamer, the next big reveal will be at Captivate 2011. No word on what or when Namco will let slip on their version/

The only downside I see is that there are 2 separate games, and I really can't devote my attention to more than 1 at any given time. Which one do I choose?!?!?!?!?


The answer of course is Street Fighter X Namco, since I'll definitely be playing tons of Super SF4 and MvC 3 before this comes out.

Hey look, it's the same camera guy from SSFIV!

Just my two cents but I'm starting to get a little sick of Capcom's handling of the franchise. They reinvent the Street Fighter franchise with the lovingly crafted Street Fighter 4, then cash in on an expansion pack / Service Pack in the guise of Super Street Fighter 4, and now they are going the gimmick route, all in a little over a year. That's not cool for the franchise... they're diluting the series and the player pool.

I guess I expected them to apply the same level of love & dedication that the original SF4 release carried through it's entire life. Super SF4 I'll accept because of the low level engine / network fixes.

That's fair, L&L, that's fair.

I think it comes down to a difference of opinion. I cut my teeth on Tekken, that's when I really found out how that I can compete at fighting games and to combine it with another series that I taught me how much I love the genre?

It's wonderful.

You're not wrong, I actually agree that SSF4 should be getting more attention and they shouldn't be releasing something so quickly, especially something that can be so easy to dismiss as a gimmick but these 2 games really get me in my happy place. I can say I haven't been so pleased by a game announcement since... well, street fighter 4 =)

I agree with L&L. It's like Capcom hasn't learned its lesson about less is more from ten years ago. I don't mind them trying to grow the franchise, but they're doing it way too quickly. It'll be really disappointing if all they're trying to do is to milk some cash out of the hype. On the other hand, cross franchise games like these can be done with the intent of reviving interest across the genre. By linking Street Fighter to Tekken, Capcom can divert the interest of its fanbase towards other developers, which can in turn fuel the growth of Capcom's partners/competitors. Done right, this can prolong the lifespan of the genre, which just might be what Capcom was going after years ago. We all bore witness to how that turned out.

Putting all that aside, the game looks good. The engine looks to be largely based on the SFIV engine, at least visually. The combos appear flexible, which will contribute to a faster pace and, I suspect, is done to match the gameplay to Tekken's combo-heavy root. Kazuya's transition into 2D looks really solid. I'm not really familiar with the character, but a few of his staple combos were easily recognizable. There's rolling, which takes out some of projectiles' pressure for balancing purposes. It looks like fun.

It was mentioned that this game is not even close to being finished. I would bet we won't see these until very late 2011 or early 2012, so the crowding worry may be a little premature.

I'm not a hardcore fighting nut like some of you guys, but I was huge into Tekken 3 back in the day. Seeing some of those moves in that 2.5D engine put a huge smile on my face. At the very least, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I agree that this risks diluting the player pool, but I disagree on a couple of points:

1 - Announcement != release. I doubt there's any way we'll see this before 2012, so I don't think it risks pulling the player base in too many directions.

2 - I disagree that Super SF4 was Capcom cashing in on an expansion. The changes to existing characters, plus all the new characters, makes it feel to me like an entirely new game. It's a far cry from junk like Hyper Fighting Edition.

In my experience, the people who really love Tekken are rarely the same people who really love Street Fighter, so I suspect Thirteenth is right in that this could be an attempt to revive more interest in fighting games as a whole. I know that for my part, Tekken 6 was a huge letdown, because it was yet another iteration on the same Tekken I've been playing since Tekken Tag Tournament. If this results in changes to Tekken that make it a newer game, then I think this is awesome. SF4/Super SF4 have already done their job at thoroughly resurrecting Capcom's fighting franchises.

Looks pretty sweet. Just seeing the Tekken characters in (what looks like) the SF4 engine is kind of exciting.

I imagine having the two different versions is likely part of the licensing deal, much like how the old Capcom vs SNK / SNK vs Capcom games were made.

ahrez said what I was too lazy to post... I've bought a copy of SSF4 for both 360 and PS3, and I've gotten my money's worth on both. Super is a substantial upgrade on the platform that Street Fighter 4 built.

New pics, now in stereo.



Taking the opposing game into their own element (2D and 3D fighters)? Could be cool.

MaxShrek wrote:

Taking the opposing game into their own element (2D and 3D fighters)? Could be cool.

Yeah. It strikes me as a cynical marketing hook, but at least it's a cool and interesting cynical marketing hook.

I suppose they could do worse, like Soul Calibur meets Mortal Kombat. Or Call of Duty vs Contra?

I've never been a huge Tekken fan, but I suspect that I'll take a look at the SF portion of the crossover at least.

I'll probably buy both. I'll play SF vs Tekken more in the end since most people here play SF and are used to that engine more. Balance is going to be difficult and it will be interesting to see how each company incorporates some of the others elements into the game.


I just realized something:

'gief vs. kuma.

It's happening.

I went through both games and as some one put it; I've cut my teeth with both games.

What seems odd to me is that both developers insist that they need to make two versions of the game because of the gameplay.

Yes SF is more "2D" while Tekken allows for Z-axis dodges (double tap DOWN dodges towards the screen, double-tap UP away from the screen). Other than that, both control scheme behaves practically the same.

Dragon Punches ;
have the same sequence but completely different timing in each game. To me, this means you could use a single engine to make both character sets playable without retooling any attacks, combos, etc.

Now, if they wanna sell us two games... well that's really up to them.

Also, can we spell Street with less Rs and one more E?



Besides 3d movement Tekken also has significantly different wake-up game. Okizeme has never been part of the SF world. You can't attack someone when they get knocked down. Tekken has attacks specifically used for that. Tekken has over 7 possible options for wake-up per character. Tekken has 10 hit combos for every character (most of the time they're used as block strings). Tekken has more low/mid moves. Knockdowns are a much much bigger part of Tekken than SF. Tekken has unblockables. I don't think you can do one game that is true to both styles of play. You certainly can't incorporate the above things into SF without going 3d and changing the engine significantly.

Small article. Namco is doing Tekken 7 (or 6 Tag or whatever) before TxSF.


Tekken 6 Tag = Day 1 purchase.
Tekken 7 = Eh, maybe, we'll see.

This is gonna be sweet.

And a Cinematic trailer as well.

The choices all make sense... except for Bob?!?! I mean really, with all the awesome Tekken characters to choose from, they decide to announce Bob first? Come on, give me Hwoarang, Asuka, and Jin first. Hell, I'd even settle for Heihachi.

The water effects in that trailer were bizarre.

There are some cool gameplay videos here.

Rolling is in it. This looks pretty cool.

New video out of ComicCon:


I am way more interested in this than Ultimate MvC 3. I was sold at Hwoarang and Steve, but I like the Capcom is pulling some bench-warmers for this one. This and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are currently top on my interest list.


So, like, is Poison officially a lady now? Or at least a post-op? I know the running gag is that she is suppose to be a trany, but they're making her look awfully lady like (not that I can blame them.)

LupusUmbrus wrote:

So, like, is Poison officially a lady now? Or at least a post-op? I know the running gag is that she is suppose to be a trany, but they're making her look awfully lady like (not that I can blame them.)

According to Wikipedia: Still a transvestite. Because hitting, oh say, Chun Li, Cammy, Julia, Jun Kazama, or any of the myriad female fighting game characters just isn't the same as being able to hit them *with a lead pipe*.

An cleaner gameplay video:

As a long time Soul Calibur fan, I love that Poison has the Sophitia thigh flip throw. I also like her ability to combo into her own slow-moving fireballs.


Another one, this time for Steve and Yoshi:

EDIT 3: Hugo, Cody, and Guy also confirmed for the game. Rather than post yet another video, here's a link: