Drakensang Online - Beta

Saw this on RPS and didn't see it here yet. Beta applications are a go. They say early entrants will be notified today if they get in.


Open Beta starts today, according to an email I got. If I didn't have so many RPGs in front of it, I'd be more excited.

I went through the first area yesterday, 10 or 15 minutes. Seems like a competent arpg, but I didn't even progress enough to customize my character besides drops to change my clothes.

Not to be a downer but this game only shares its name with the two single-player Drakensang games. The developer doesn't own a license for anything else (world, lore, rules, etc.).

From what I've read about the game, it's very "pay to win". I could be wrong but if that's right it would be a huge turn-off for me. Then again, I still might give it a try