rift patch today - now with better itemized experts

Patch notes for today say the additional Itemization is starting for experts.

Maybe they finally are adding some tanking gear for clerics and rogues.

They are adding chain and leather tanking gear as drops. The down side is that now a certain percentage of chain or leather drops are useless to you if you're not tanking.

So that's about the same as it is for warriors. I'm just ecstatic as a cleric tank (primary) that the items are in the game finally.

Yeah, except warriors don't have 3 combat roles they can fill. So their gear is only divided up twice, not three times.

What would be the difference between a DPS cleric and a healing cleric set?

DPS cleric needs focus. Healing, just raw spell power. Not a tremendous difference, but there is one.

Healers need a healthy amount ofspell power, but also lots and lots of +crit too.