Before you EQ'd your WoWage into a RIFT, did you used to MUD?

Played alot of LP and Diku muds back in college. but nowhere near the time I spent on Netrek. I joined the Draft League for several seasons. PGL get off my lawn..

Just as I was getting into the netrek at college, they banned it. I still played it. It was fun.

Spent wayyyyyy too much time on them after college. They weren't just games, though. Was involved in one a therapist ran for his mental health organization. If you think there were weirdos in yours....

What do you mean used to? I'm still playing a Battletech MUX now and again.

Oh yeah.. Tele-Arena, LotRD and Tradewars on the local BBSes, along with way too much Dragon's Gate and Gemstone III on GEnie. My wife and I played Dragon's Gate together for a few years when EQ was at its height, but I didn't get into a graphical MMO until Horizons came out.

My main vice for many many years was Discworld Mud, based on the books by Terry Pratchett. I still visit from time to time, though since I started playing WoW, and then Rift, I have lost most interest. Also, getting married and suddenly not having much free time probably didn't help, but that goes for gaming in general, not just online gaming.

Well behind the heyday, but I spent some time in WoTMUD. Never got very deep, but had fun running around Randland.

Still do. Graphical games like WOW, Lotro, suck me in for a bit, but I always find myself returning to mudding at CarrionFields. Nothing I've found beats the cutthroat nature of the PvP there.