360º panoramic videos on your iPhone 4.

Ran across this today and thought it was way cool, so I figured I'd share. These guys are working on a device and app that captures 360º video and allows you to play it back and change the viewing angle at will. Basically you record everything going on and watch whatever part of it you want to later.

I'm doing a crappy job explaining it, so just go to the site and take a look at the video. http://kck.st/el49KB

They're also taking pledges at that site to help make this product commercial, though they're already way past their goal, so they don't technically need any more pledges. That said, if you pledge $50 now, they'll send you the finished product when it's ready, and you'll save roughly $30. Good enough deal for me anyway

Yeah. It's called "looking up."

Well, I think it's pretty nifty anyways!