GWJ2STAR 2.0 - Off-Season


League is rolled. It is time to beg your players to stay.

And yes, Zach Line, the HB that just broke Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record at SMU wants to go to the draft. I'm scared to even start the process. I want him for one more season so bad.

But he's STAYING!!!!


Hopefully we can get everyone's update in a day or so. Let me know when you are ready!

Only losing graduates. Not surprising considering the talent level of my team. Anyone wanting to go pro would be laughed at. My returning offense might be a D+ rating next year, look out!

So I am ready. I think we are all in agreement that we can skip transfers.

You can only do this on the console, right? I'll get on this when I get home around 6PM PST tonight.

Yeah, I wish this stuff was web enabled. We could totally blow though the off-season in a day or two if we could do this online.

Maybe EA will make it all online capable this year......

yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot.

I'll get mine done tonight when I get home (6pm HI time). If I'm the last one and you want to roll before then you have my permission to sim mine. I didn't have any true individual standouts, so I don't anticipate having anyone of value wanting to go pro.

Mine's done.

No underclassmen leaving, but it seems that half of my team was seniors.

I'm ready. It only took me ten minutes to convince a fullback that going to EMU wasn't a good idea. The emu is a wonderful creature, but who wants to go to a school with that name?

Done. No players good enough to leave early.

I'm done, all Seniors..

Done. Had a freshman WR leave. I guess he was worried he'd never get thrown to in my offense?

LOL! I want me some fullback!

I went ahead and advanced all the way to Week 1 of recruiting. I skipped over the Incoming Transfers, sine the game defaults to accepting them.

I'm done recruiting for the week. Since I am targeting just three guys, it will always look like I have recruiting left.

Bey the way, the prestige ratings are out:

SMU ****
Buffalo ****
NIU ****
Nevada ****
UTEP ***
Marshall **
EMU ***

Wow, Marshall and SDSU didn't get bumped up after the seasons they had? That's just rude.

Back to back 10 win seasons has given me a 3* rating. Yay!!

I was a 1-star to start, maybe they don't do 2-star jumps in 1 year??

I set my team to autopilot since I barely have any scholarships left and I'm not close on any players that I like. I will turn the auto off once the off-season recruiting is done.

airicc8 wrote:

I was a 1-star to start, maybe they don't do 2-star jumps in 1 year??

Ahhh...that's it. There's a probability of changing your star rating by one based on how you did.

I'm done with recruiting. No interest from any new players. No 4* players interested at all. I have a good replacement for my QB (who wasn't that great). The HB position could take a few games to figure out. TE will be rough. I'm losing all my star LBs. Should make for an interesting season!

Yeah, Marshall was a once star this season, as well.

If you guys are done and out up the autopilot, we can blow through this even faster. I have on scholarship left to give, and I'm sure autopiloting would and one of the two soft commits.

I noticed something else as I was inputting the sliders I mentioned last week. That is that I had Icing the Kicker turned off, but it was still active. It is a feature I think is probably too powerful. I wouldn't mind a ratings hit on a freshman or sophomore kicker, but the effective having to aim without a view of the goal posts, and an iced over meter that is almost impossible to see, it makes kicking from a hashmark from any distance almost impossible.

I was going to consider also suggesting that we turn that off. But apparently, it won't do any good. Thanks, EA!

I just wanted to bring it up in case anyone thought I was turning it off now. It has been off since the beginning of the league. My C-USA Championship Game was the first time I had ever witnessed it.

lol, good job EA.

I'm on my way home. I will check the status of my recruiting and ready up shortly.

Shortly has come and gone. Week 1 recruiting complete. I have 4 scholarships but 10 targets. We'll see how well I did in week 1.

You folks must be doing much better than me, as I don't even have 25 people on my entire list! No way I'm running out of scholarships this season. I guess that's what I get for last season...

firesloth wrote:

You folks must be doing much better than me, as I don't even have 25 people on my entire list! No way I'm running out of scholarships this season. I guess that's what I get for last season...

I have more 3* recruits than any team in the country right now, with 19. I have three 4* and two 1* guys. Apparently 2* guys have no interest in SMU.

This is going to me next year.

Yeah, Jay, that Texas pipeline seems to be working nicely.

I mostly have 2-star players, and a few 3's as well.

Hopefully, as a new 2-star school, I can try to get all 3-star players next year before moving up to try for the higher level recruits in year 3.

I think my recruiting class is around 50. I'll take it considering I was out of the top 100 last year.

I'm done recruiting.

Done with wk 1.

Week 2 is ready to go.

Cool cool. I will knock this out after work.

NIU is done with recruiting. I finally got some commits this week!!! I'm now up to 15, with some O-line help in there.

Looks like I may snake 2-3 more guys before it's all said and done. 1-2* talent but it gives me a little more depth, especially on defense where I need it most.