Anyone interested in ArmA 2 Combined Arms PvP?

I know that the goodjers are a vast army of players with many different interest and I thought I would post about another community I have been a part of for a while in case anyone else here is interested. The AGW community is a place where people gather in their two armies each Sunday at high noon Eastern time to battle each other for map supremacy. After so many wins over many weeks one army is announced the winner and we reset armies allowing to people to form as they wish then go at it again in another campaign

We have many groups of ArmA2 players from around the world and all players are welcomed in. We are into week 3 of campaign 5 and are always looking for good people to join the fun, goodjers definitely qualify. The AGW community is a very open place allowing people to be as involved as they want to be and people there are very friendly. If you enjoy ArmA 2 coop and/or PvP check it out at, , and see what you think. Hop on our TS server on Sunday or better yet join us in battle. Fun map this week fighting it out in a hilly woody area. If you are interested there is a map pack download that allows us to battle on islands of varying landscapes. Give me a yell if you are interested, at AGW I am known as KillerKane and I will be glad to help anyone get set up.

What versions are required to play there? I only have arma2:OA

Would love to get involved with something like this, but will only have free time in a month or two!

Also reminds me I made a bunch of co-op missions I should upload at some point.

We played a bunch of arm a for awhile. I'd be interested once Rift gets its claws out if me.

It is ArmA 2 and OA none of the other addons iie Brits or PMC. Someone may have a key to ArmA2 as some bought the whole CA package again leaving them with an extra ArmA2 key. I will ask around too and see if anyone has one I can PM to you.

We only play for 4-5 hours on Sundays starting at noon eastern so feel free to stop by and check it out if you have the time. Also you can just play for whatever time you have. There is no having to stay for it all, but be prepared the fun will keep you there for it all. Be great to get some more people in for even bigger battles.