Hawken - Catch All


I just started playing this with a friend and I am loving it. Loving. And I typically hate multiplayer games. I'm veloxi on there too if anyone wants to friend me up.

This game is really got me hooked. IT sounds like it's gotten a lot better since most of the GWJ people tried it. I'm McStabWithLies on Hawken. Siege mode is totally best mode, make people play in a team pretty well.

Oohhh, this game got washed up in Diablo 3 hoopla, but thanks for reminding me I need to return to it. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm silentsod in Hawken as well and have yet to really do much in the game (I think I'm at <1hr played).

Hit me up if you see me on (or just add me on Steam in the first place!)

We should pick a night sometime and try to get a group together. It's been so long since I played, though. Not sure how matchmaking for groups works.

Think I might have 8 hours in Hawken though it's been a few weeks since I last played. Playing in pugs wasn't too bad and only rarely did I run into a guy who had a mic and wanted to constantly remind everyone else on them team how much we all sucked if we were a point or two down. Heck, some even wanted to tell us how much we sucked even when we were winning because we weren't winning by enough. It was just like being back on the highschool basketball team.

The good news is that there's a new team vs cpu death match thing going on. The new update seems to be putting that on. Match making with groups is interesting since seems to put you on opposing teams, so maybe against cpu is the way to go at first.

The other good news/bad news is that voip basically does not work.

I'm usually free on Thursdays, and probably sunday afternoon. I'm McStabWithLies. Played a lot, so I'm up to level 17 in a week. The big thing is working together, and covering people when they are healing themselves. Siege is still totally the best mode.

-- ehmygawd, double post on chrome? How is that possible?

I filled out a survey they sent me because I hadn't played in awhile, and they sent me a code for 6,410 hawken credits. That was nice of them.