Notebook Tablet PC

The down and dirty is, I would like a working laptop, so I am looking for one that will wow me.

What I WANT:
***A tablet PC that can also work like a regular laptop***

  • To be able to easily write math notes (and make quizzes) on it. A great math word processor program recommendation would also be nice
  • For it to be very easy to transport
  • Watch DVDs and burn CDs, but right now I can't do that with my computer, either
  • Plug in to TV to watch Hulu on the TV
  • Artsy stuff (illustrator/photoshop/etc)
  • Plug in a headset to use Dragon speech recognition
  • To spend less than/around $1K

What I NEED to be able to do:

  • LOTS of internet stuff (email, shopping, IM, and outlook for my work email)
  • Word processing (including math equations, which are difficult to do in most programs)
  • Print (USB cable)
  • iPhone compatibility

Any suggestions welcome!

Also, I have found this so far that tickles my fancy. Any feedback on Fujitsu?

Have you read this (from last year)? I think it's going to cover some common ground.