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Anyone racing tonight? I'm looking to get my iRating in the negatives, and drive my safety rating into an irrational number

I should be racing something, not sure what. Let's meet up on Discord and decide. I'm trying to get my #'s on the upward curve, so will be vewwwy careful...I hope.

Finally got on the Sim again last night and did 30 mins of practice on Phillip Is. in the Porsche then swapped over to the GTC at Daytona in the Mustang. I must have gotten carried away with the lazy HP of the FR500S because I completely missed the 9:15 race and I was posting laps good enough for 2nd place out of the 5 'stangs in the session! I'll try again tonight.


anyone up for the GTC race @ Watkins Glen tonight?


PetrolHead wrote:

anyone up for the GTC race @ Watkins Glen tonight?


I should make the 7:15 in the Mustang and 9:15 in the Jetta.

And S1/2018 GTC iRacing series in VW TDI.

S1/2018 GTC iRacing Season Results..

I'm going to try to make something... The better half just got back yesterday and the entire house is a bit of a cluster. I'll do my best to ditch these suckers for a race!

I was out too. Should be back on track next week. Might try to get on later tonight too. I'll hop on Discord

We gonna do some zoomy-zoomy-zoom tonight?

Yep. 9:15 for sure, may try to jump in the 7:15 with the Stang. This is not a popular track though:(

Sorry guys - couldn't make it last night. I might try to hop on tonight. Need to get my safety rating back to the 4.99 level.

What your SR dropped wayyyy down, to a 4.5? lol.

Missed a good one, Jesse didn't have you to harass so he went after some others, got a nice 3rd out of 6 Jettas, and weren't for traffic should have been a 2nd!

I prefer to harass and bother Lactose any day... That traffic was wild. Some of those slower Mustangs were pretty loose. Too many close calls.

Yeah - got hung up at work. Things are settling down so I should be back on the regular schedule soon

Anyone up for some mountain climbing tonight, Mt. Panorama? Petrol? Get back to your roots.

I haven't practiced at all, but remember the track well.

Grand Touring Cup 2018 S3

Replaced LeMans with Belle Isle
Road Atlanta - short
Confirmed Nords type
Added weather
Swapped weeks around

Week 1: Summit Point - full (morning)
Week 2: Monza - GP (afternoon)
Week 3: Road Atlanta - short (late afternoon)
Week 4: Spa - GP Pits (40 mins) (morning)
Week 5 Belle Isle (afternoon)
Week 6: Okayama - full (late afternoon)
Week 7: Nords combined - Gesamstrecke Short without the Arena (3 laps) (morning)
Week 8: Phillip Island (afternoon)
Week 9: Charlotte - Road (late afternoon)
Week 10: Watkins - Classic Boot (morning)
Week 11: Brands Hatch - GP (afternoon)
Week 12: Daytona - Road (night)

Top 10: Watkins, Daytona, Brands Hatch, Spa, Road Atlanta, Nords, Monza

Free Tracks: Charlotte Road, Summit Point, Okayama

Wild Card: Phillip Island

New tracks: Belle Isle

Anyone play in EU/Africa timezones?

I'm new to iRacing and spend about 3 days out of the week playing in the evenings (if my newborn son allows it...). Generally would be on between 10:00 to 12:00 CAT.

Absolutely loving it btw!

Sorry KramNesnah, almost all of us are in the US, but you should join Petrols discord.

I just realized there is an iracing thread. I just need to check, everyone here knows about GWJ's Racing Dorks right?

Of course we do... but maybe you can remind us again

lactose wrote:

Of course we do... but maybe you can remind us again :)

I see you already found it, but for everyone else.

Got my first win last night in the Mazda Cup! Such an awesome feeling. I am absolutely loving this game!

way to go!

those wins are hard to come by - just got my fifth win (in almost 10 years) this week.

Nice! Lactose, yall still running the Grand Touring series?

C4ncerCowboy and I have been trying out a few different series - RUF, Kia and Cadilac, Pro Mazda - I find the summers a bit tougher to stick to a schedule I just jump on whenever I can. I'll start posting here too in case others want to join

Anywhere that I can find all of your iRacing usernames?

I would like to add you guys even if only for the smallest chance that we are ever online at the same time.

Start with this League's member list. Even tho the league isn't active it does have a lot of us that post on the forums.

Distantsound wrote:

Start with this League's member list. Even tho the league isn't active it does have a lot of us that post on the forums.

I cannot access any info there. Guess I need to be added to that league. No worries.

Anyway, I race under Mark D. Hansen.

If anyone wants to join the Racing Dorks details can be found here.