MLB 2k11 The Show

The recent patch made analog pitching a bit more difficult, which was welcome. Actually giving up some walks now, and am free to enjoy the flip side of the issue I mentioned earlier... i.e. when I aim for the outside but leave one over the middle and get hit, that's the product of my mistake and not mere ratings.

Annoyed that I can't use my classic stadiums while PSN is down. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I consider myself to be of improved temperament as my age advances, so why, 100 games into my season (of which I had played every inning), did I remove the disc from the PS3 yesterday afternoon after falling behind by two runs in extra innings, proceed to snap the disc in half, and delete all my saves? Could it be the sense (whether true or not) that my opponent and I were often connected by some magnetic force that served to keep our box scores nearly identical, with constant comebacks on both sides yielding interminable extra frames, often leading to heartbreak and a disappointing return on joy-vestment when considering the multitude of hours freely given?

Perhaps the problem with this game, when one is foolhardy enough to attempt the long grind, is that it too accurately depicts the disappointing slog that befalls all but a few baseball teams in a given season.

Whoa. A Mets fan gave up on something?

'Rage Quit' Trophy Unlocked.