MLB 2k11 The Show

I would say I'm in for a league, but I made myself promise to wait for a price drop to around $40. Frankly the game comes out on the same day as Dragon Age 2 and I don't see myself putting DA2 down for about a month.

If the league is started later, though, dibs on White Sox.

Blind_Evil wrote:

I would say I'm in for a league, but I made myself promise to wait for a price drop to around $40. Frankly the game comes out on the same day as Dragon Age 2 and I don't see myself putting DA2 down for about a month.

If the league is started later, though, dibs on White Sox.

I doubt a league will start up very soon at all. I'd love it if we could have a nice short 10-20 game season with 6-10 teams. I don't know if that will be easy to implement. But baseball games take too long for anything much longer. And from all accounts, they are reverting back to 2K9 game lengths, as it seems they are leaving in all of that real-time presentation stuff, and there is an emphasis on higher pitch counts.

Plus, as much as I would love to play online baseball, 2K9 was the only version of ANY baseball game that got the lag down enough to make the game feel right. 2K10 was close, and depending on yours, and your opponent's connection it could be good or terrible. The amount of time from the ball leaving the pitcher's hand to when you have to decide to swing is so small that any lag there eliminates making an actual decision on ball or strike. It is a tough nut to crack.

Honestly, the best option, for the Show, too, is to just allow the users to select a pitch, and the batter to set power or contact, and let the game simulate the at-bat. Once the ball is put in play, then let the users play defense and run the bases, as the lag is not as critical there. But I don't see that happening, as I think most gamers would not be interested in a game in which they didn't get to hit.

If they have improved hitting online and get it back to 2K9 levels, though, I would be willing to play.

I'm in and will take Mariners or Padres. I think Jay' makes sense as much as I enjoy getting a good hit every 20 at bats:) Deal is, if I may read into what Jay is saying, is that one would what to play baseball that looks like big league baseball in stats and etc. Ain't going to happen with MP of batting or pitching if it's lagging (or not. I'm not the quickest at controller response by a long shot:) What Jay' suggest makes sense to me in this case. Fielding can be tough enough with lag. And don't get me started about stealing.) Whichever way everyone decides, as mentioned above, I'm in. (and dynamically updated stats for players adds to Jay' argument if I understand what that means. If I play hitting and pitching with lag, then dynamic won't mean much for anything.)

Understand that I don't believe the game will allow for what I'm saying. I don't think they have the manage only mode anymore, either.

But let's say 2K fixes the lag and it is like playing next to your buddy on the couch. There is still another problem with league play when it comes to baseball games. not only are the games long (3x a hockey game, and 2x a football game) but a key part of baseball is the pitching rotation. there needs to be a reason to use your fourth or fifth starter.

So that leads to be able to play series of games, and very few of us really have that time. Football works so well becasue it is such an easy schedule to fit in. Everybody has just one game a week, and the seasons are short. Even if we were have each team go out and play a series of games with their opponents, you will be waiting for ages for guys to get 3-4 hours together to pull off a three game series.

If we did a tournament, we would be stuck with just using out top two starters, or fourth starters in the late games. Or we could do playoffs, but how many weeks would it take eight guys to get in a best of seven series? That might make the most sense, as we could start early in the season and not worry about getting the tournament done so soon.

Mostly, we just have to wait and see how the game works online, what the game lengths really are, and how many of us are going to be willing to commit to some kind of a schedule. This may be a lot of planning for naught.

Historically we never get leagues or even tourneys off the ground...

Unfortunately Swampy speaks the truth.

MLB: The Show demo tomorrow (source: Operation Sports)

MLB: the Show Demo

I played this briefly. The graphics are richer in color. They've completely redone their menu presentation and I find it quite pleasing. The new analog aspect of pitching seems good. More control and exciting. As The Show has always done, the ambiance is great. Quick throw to first wasn't 'that' quick. And it's a hard call, but the AI made a suspect decision on throwing to first on a squeeze bunt. Runner from third 'should' have been forced out at home(bases loaded). But hard call perhaps.

With short playing time I still found it fun and enjoyable.

I'm dumb.

Calling the Phillies, and that awesome pitching staff they have this year. Going down to Florida in a couple of weeks to see them play Tampa and Houston. The Tampa game is in the Phillies stadium in Clearwater. We could only get seats on the outfield lawn.

Houston plays in Kissimmee. We have 2nd row on the 3rd base side. So my wife can stare at Chase Utley as he jogs out of the dugout, lol.

SwampYankee wrote:

Historically we never get leagues or even tourneys off the ground...

Maybe a monthly tournament could be the way to go.

Jayhawker wrote:

I'm dumb.

Don't be so hard on yourself Jayhawker. At least you didn't pick Boise St in the NCAA league.

MLB 2K11 Demo is up on Xbox Live.

It's three innings, and no options or commentary. Plays great.

Love the new hitting cam after you put the ball in play.

The hitting cam for reading pitches is pretty much what I used for 2K10, and it really helps read balls and strikes. Plus, the movement on pitches looks perfect.

The fielding is everything they made it out to be. You will once again have to work to make a good throw, yet it easily reads what base you are throwing to. They did not go overboard on making you control the fielder. It feels just just right.

Pitching is harder, but still too easy. I pitched six innings, and never felt like I was about to walk anyone. I threw plenty of balls, but many were becasue I was throwing to the catcher's suggestion outside the zone. But location was not spot on, and I assume sliders are going to help nail this aspect.

I hit an opposite field HR with Beltre. I was using a power swing. Again, I think some slider work will improve this. I also hit a few pop-ups when using the power swing.

One thing people jumped on in the gameplay video was a ground ball on pitch way up in the zone. It didn't bother me, becasue I know exactly how that works. But I will say that I hit several flyballs on pitches up in the zone. So that's a non-issue as far as I'm concerned.

I would call this a significant upgrade over 2K10. It feels vry much the same, as far as the gameplay. But the fielding and pitching ar both significantly more fun. Hitting is pretty much identical from last year. But I did get the pop-ups, and pretty cool chopped up the line. Both of those were noticeably absent in last year's game.

Also, they have tweaked the camera's to really enhance both the look, and more importantly the gameplay. When you put a ball in play, the camera stays put and you see the play begin unfold from the homeplate view. It just works for some reason. Whether you are watching to see if a flyball gets out, or how a fielder is playing a groundball, it just feels like this is how you should be watching the game.

Overall, I think that if the full version holds up, they have an 8 or 9 out of 10 game on their hands. But we will have to see if some bugs rear their heads first.

Downloading it now! E-ha! And Jay', again thanks for your always welcome analysis. Always gives me something to both get excited about and a few insights to boot. Thanks man.

Hold the LT down, and you will feel a vibration to let you know the runner is ready to go. When you releases the LT, the runner will take off.

Kush15 wrote:
Jayhawker wrote:

I'm dumb.

Don't be so hard on yourself Jayhawker. At least you didn't pick Boise St in the NCAA league.

Who would do something so dumb?

So, what's the verdict on tourneys? I'd be in.

I'm about done with my first try, playing as the Giants. Nearly hit an opposite field lead off homer with Andres Torres, then hit one in the second inning with Pablo Sandoval (his hitting stats seem high considering the season he had).

My first impression is that it's too similar, but I had a bad initial reaction to 2k10 and ended up loving it. I need to experience more of the hit paths and fielding before I judge I guess. The pitching feels ever so slightly better, with the ball seeming not to go through batters' bats on occasion. Hitting is even more similar to 2k10, but I feel I need to be a little pickier with what I swing at when it comes to making good contact (I still have a great eye, 4 walks in 2 innings).

I'm a little iffy about the player ratings, but that's expected. I've felt they should hire me to do all of that stuff since I was 16.

I do like the changes with the batting camera, where I don't know instantly whether or not my hit is going out of the park, a pop up, or what. It keeps me way more honest on the bases.

Player faces and specialized stances look noticeably better. I had trouble getting Buster Posey reacting to a bunt in front of the plate, long an issue for games.

TheCounselor wrote:

So, what's the verdict on tourneys? I'd be in.

I think we have to wait for the game to drop, and then see if the netcode is worth the time and effort. Then we'll have to see what kind of game modes they will have for online play.

I'm sure we can work something out if the game feels smooth enough. But a little lag in baseball is pretty much a dealbreaker.

My second run through the 2k10 demo has been derailed in terms of valuable analysis because Brandon Webb is who I got to pitch with.

Split Change! New Pitch! So I'm not going to use any other pitch.

It's kind of an awkward motion, but I guess I'll get used to it. Starts down, then 3/4 of a circle counter clockwise (for a righty).

Oh, one thing I meant to mention in my mini-rant against their player ratings. When they're adding first year players in the roster updates they need to do better. I don't like it when Logan Morrison, Brett Wallace, and one other guy who I don't recall have the exact same stats and batting stances. Lazy! Do a little research! All you're doing is mucking around in the player creator!

If we do get a league or tourney off the ground, I'll take Boston if they haven't already been called. If they have.... I dunno... Cleveland I guess.

Yankees!!! I call Yanks!!!

So I went into my profile on the Xbox and set my Game Defaut Difficulty to Hard, and then booted up a game of the 2K11 demo. Someone was claiming sat OS that it increased the games difficulty, and boy were they right.

I walked two guys in the first inning and got lit up for none runs in two innings. There was no sense of control at all. Fielding was crazy, as players did not move to the ball at all when it was hit. And when I got to the ball, the throwing meter was much touchier, leading to throws that pulled the first baseman from the bag. Hitting was much harder to make contact, too.

I don't think this setting was all that great, but it does lead me to believe that the sliders should be able to produce a pretty well-balanced game.

Played a couple games. I like the palette better. And the ball motion from pitcher to catcher is really nice. Just something about the motion of the ball that seems more 'right'. I got some lag in pitching (between setting up the pitch and the diagram coming up. Also with a couple foul balls. I still have a gripe with this series: that they shout down the play at times. Like when the other team had runners at 1st and 3rd. Got a strike out, and wanted to throw to 2nd in case runner was moving on pitch. Nope, wouldn't let me. I did see that they let me throw after a catch in the outfield with no one on...I could throw to any base (which wasn't always the case).

Love the batting window from pitcher to catcher for the batter. Also, I thought hitting was about the same, but again, the ball moved better. Also, if you power hit, your line drive scoots out of the infield with authority. I still (and it's ME, I'm sure for I always have difficulty with this) have problems stealing. I'm just not sure what keys to hit and etc. I can lead off o.k., but to initiate a steal, or steal on the pitch. Nope, just can't figure it out.

I agree with Jay' the hitting and pitching is more fun, and the tweaks make it more fun to watch a play develop. I like too that you can use, while at bat or pitching, directional keys to bring up stats on pitcher or batter. (they still leave out a quick stat look for base runners for how fast they can run.)

Jayhawker wrote:

Hold the LT down, and you will feel a vibration to let you know the runner is ready to go. When you releases the LT, the runner will take off.

Thanks Jay'. And If I want a particular runner to steal, and the other to hold. Especially when I get a long single and want the guy who was at second to try and score on the long single. Do I just stick to point at runner I want, or icon (I think I'm confusing 'how to' with The Show)?


Donan, I'd still love to get some more time with Panzer General and you.


My pre-order for The Show shipped. I'll have it tomorrow.

Too bad I'll have to work until about 9PM tomorrow.

I'm also getting some new game about dragons, tomorrow, though, so The Show might wait until the weekend.

The new analog control scheme is pretty great. Pitching makes total sense and is challenging. My only gripe with hitting is that it's not clear if I'm still supposed to be aiming with the left thumbstick... post-swing analysis seems to have the PCI all over the place, sometimes in synch with what I'm doing, sometimes not.

Old button-based control schemes are available, of course. I'm going to stick with the new ones though, freshens things up quite a bit.

Was glad to see that classic stadiums were already unlocked if you had them unlocked (via the pre-order bonus or purchase) last year.

Still no direct playoff mode. Bummer.

I really should try the PS3 demos of both games. Keep meaning to get around to it, so much on the pile.

Oh well I wasn't going to get either one day 1 yet.

Also, some reports at CAG a couple weeks ago about The Show being released into the wild at Target stores by mistake. Some kind of clearance error with "all move games on clearance" and MLB 11 getting marked with a clearance tag. Probably all cleaned up by now, and the game is out anyway. But there were a few lucky people.

I am having trouble with the new controls for The Show. I have not figured out the proper method for pitching. Am I supposed to pull the stick down and push it up to the target at the same pace?

On the batting side I am struggling with the timing of my swing. I was thinking about trying a viewing angle other than the default. Does everyone use the default batting view or switch it up?

Chrometech wrote:

On the batting side I am struggling with the timing of my swing. I was thinking about trying a viewing angle other than the default. Does everyone use the default batting view or switch it up?

I always switch it higher.

I finally tried both demos yesterday. I suck a lot.

On The Show, for 2 entire games I did not get a single hit. I realized near the end of the first game that the difficulty was all-star, so I turned it down to vet. Still no better the 2nd game. Of course it didn't help that the popup tips and the controls menu all talk about button pressing, but the game is defaulted to stick for everything. First inning of batting I never figured out how to swing, I kept bunting with the stick and the buttons wouldn't swing. The one run scored against me was in-the-park because I couldn't get my CF to throw to 2nd... or 3rd... or home... until it was too late.

Controls on 2k11 were a little easier. Maybe because I played it 2nd, but maybe because they actually had popup tips for the right controls right before. Think I like the pitching a lot better, with the different stick movements for different pitches. And of course the menus and stuff are all similar style to nba 2k that I'm used to as well. And the PC version is only $30... kinda tempting.