A better way to manage multiple email addresses?

For various and sundry reasons, I have 3 primary email addresses that I check regularly during the day. Because I'm averse to storing said emails on my work machine (via a dedicated client such as Outlook), I have been logging into my Squirrelmail servers (Dreamhost) for each individual account, and/or checking each account on my smartphone.

I'm thinking there's got to be a better way to manage this, perhaps by forwarding the messages to a catch-all account, and somehow setting up a reply-as thingy where I automatically get to reply to an email from the address to which it was sent...

Does that make sense?

Anyway - I'd like to do all of the above while retaining my ability to use IMAP if I can...

So - is it possible, and if so, how would I go about it?

If you are using IMAP, there shouldn't be any reason to store anything on your work machine in the first place. I'm not that familiar with Outlook these days, but even if it defaults to downloading everything locally, I would guess there is some config option to make it not do so. Or perhaps you could install a different email client that has such an option.

Gmail is your friend.

Trainwreck wrote:

Gmail is your friend.

Except when you work for Microsoft... But, if it ends up being my only/best option, I'll check it out.

Would a portable version of Thunderbird on a USB memory stick work for you?

Yeah, Thunderbird should easily handle that. You'll probably prefer using IMAP, because Thunderbird will default to downloading POP3 mail locally, removing it from the servers. With both IMAP and POP3, Thunderbird will store data locally; IMAP just stores headers, and POP3 also stores message bodies. Scratched's link to a portable install should let you keep everything on a USB key either way.

Thunderbird also has the ability to manage what it calls 'identities', where you list all the email addresses you use. Whenever you reply to a message to one of those addresses, the From field is set correctly. It can do this whether you use separate accounts or forward everything into one.

I'd probably just leave them separate, myself, assuming you don't mind checking three Inboxes on the left-hand mail pane.

I use Thunderbird, mainly for the identities feature. I haven't found a client that does it better yet.

Thanks for the tips - I'll check out Thunderbird portable and see how it goes. Cheers!

Thunderbird user here. I have about 5 or 6 email accounts I run through Thunderbird. All Gmail or Google Apps IMAP accounts, from my work account to all my personally-made accounts to my college alumnus account.

My ipod touch will check several email accounts and display them in an "all accounts" in box. So the iphone does. Your smart phone doesn't have a competetive feature, or was the point to stop using your smartphone?

I use (fullblown) Outlook now but Windows Mail (the replacement for Outlook Express) should work just as well. Thunderbird too, any mail 'application' should be able to handle such things, it's just that not many companies make them anymore.