Might and Magic Heroes 6 - a.k.a. Heroes of Might and Magic 6

Steam just put this on the store with a release date of 5/24/11. I've been a big fan of the HoMM series since I played the demo of HoMM2 on a PC Gamer CD a ways back when and hope this next installment won't just be a rehash of the same old stuff. As someone who hasn't played a multiplayer match on any of these games, I'm hoping the AI will actually be good this time instead of just sending 5 heroes with measly armies all over the map. I haven't read much about the new game, but from looking at some of the screenshots, it seems to be very faithful to the series in how it is presented artistically. This is a fantasy world on steroids, where knights in shining armor, wizards, necromancers, demons, troglodytes, orcs and goblins are all present and cannot seem to cohabitate peacefully. Anyone else but me not burnt out on this series yet?

I watched the trailer on Steam and thought it was pretty cool (though it didn't show off any gameplay.)

I loved what they did with King's Bounty; I hope HoMM6 takes it in a similar direction. I tried to play a bit of HoMM5, but after the smooth real-time navigation/turn-based battles of King's Bounty I just couldn't get back into it.

Thanks for bringing this to attention.

Homm 3 and Disciples 2 are my favorites of this style of game. I prefer the Disciples aesthetic/atmosphere but as far as I can tell(have not played it myself) Disciples III was a flop, so I'm definitely interested to see what direction HoMM6 goes.

I loved HoMM II-IV, but V didn't click with me. I think it was a combination of the art direction and some of the systems feeling like they weren't entirely baked. Be interesting to see which way VI goes. It looks V-ish from the screenshots, but will have to wait and see.