BEER Thread!

A friend passed this along to me and I thought there might be a few people in this thread who would be interested as well:


It's a virtual tour and tales of castles and breweries via zoom. I really don't know much about it, but it appears to be free. I like castles. I like beer. I think I might take Thursday afternoon off to participate


Dude, Where's My Beer

I'm diggin' this art style and I love a good point 'n' click. Might have to get this one

Arise, thread! Over two years it has been, with many beers enjoyed. I don't really have anything specific to say, other than I remembered this thread existed and had to go back to find it.

I guess I could say there is still quite a lot of great beer being brewed out there. Checking my latest Untappd check-ins I can say I rated Brain Space by Widowmaker Brewing (a double IPA) pretty high, and More Galaxy Than All Galaxy by Other Half Brewing (another double IPA) highly as well.

I also splurged and picked up a bomber of Delirium Black Barrel Aged (a Belgian Strong Dark) recently and gave it five stars. I'm partial to the style and Delirium did up something fabulous with that one.

Oh man, I don't need more Delirium glasses (I've got like 4 already) but I so want that one!

I loved Delirium Tremens. I haven't drank beer in 3 years now but that's the one I sometimes miss.

Delirium Tremens is super good! Fun fact: it was the beer I drank on the first date with my wife, on the day we first met. The small bar we went to somehow had it on tap.

That glass is great. Heh I've already got so many glasses but I think I'd add that one to the collection if I saw it.

Wow. That's the end of an institution. You could get Anchor Steam everywhere! I never would have thought of all breweries it would be one to be shut down.

I've let my beer studies slide over the past year and a bit and I want to get back on that wagon. Finish Randy Mosher's Tasting Beer, and start studying the BJCP style guidelines again. In preparation I wanted to watch Michael Jackson's "Tasting Beer" again and I was happy to discover that someone's put it all on YouTube:

I'd bought some knock-off DVDs off eBay years ago, but this'll save me the chore of digging them out