Help me reclaim a piece of my youth (internet wizards - I summon thee!)

I've been on the good old GWJ for a half decade or so now; you may know me as 'that guy that makes all of those overly-verbose fallout/new vegas single player mods', or 'that guy that is always annoyingly asking about the storyline/characters/journals in games obviously focused on combat', etc., etc.

Anyway, that's me! And I need your help. Prior to modding Fallout 3/New Vegas, I worked on a completely new game called Dying Sun. I recently picked it back up, and it's nearly done, and it's massive. I've worked on it for a decade; I started the project back in 2001, though I had a lot of writing that I pulled from even younger years (some of the characters I "made" in my teens in notebooks) I set it aside for nearly two years (while Fallout 3/New Vegas modding) and recently was pleased to see that Visual Basic 6 still plays nicely with Windows 7 64-bit, if the proper compatibility mode is activated. It's an entirely old-school 16-bit-esque RPG set in modern times (you're a scrub on a NASA ship sent back to earth to find out why resupply shipments have stopped), bearing the heritage of Dragon Warrior, but stacking a ridiculous amount of story/characters/customization/upgrades onto the age-old formula.

Sorry, I'm rambling again. The point is not Dying Sun, but its precursor: Dernia's Legacy. It was a complete game that I made, coded in BASIC (QBASIC, I think) and shared with friends, and now I can't find it. It was all ASCII, in the spirit of Rogue, but with more of a focus on story and characters, with tons of flavor text and random happenings. I even offered it for download on my first website, and now I can't find the download. It's gone. I have an old backup of the website on my hard drive, but not the zip file. It's nearly driving me insane, as the zip file is probably no more than 300-400k, and for some reason it's not on my backup drive.

The site was originally , and if you google MY LINK IS STILL THE FIRST ONE! Visit freudianslip's homepage! That was my user/web name back then! But the link doesn't work!

I've tried various archive/wayback portal sites, but nothing that has coughed up that lonely, lonely file.

(Ignore the random text - a lot of fanboy text there from when I was a decade or more younger, but the red arrows point you toward the pertinent bits!)


I would dearly love to reclaim that lost zip file of the old dernia's legacy program. Any avenues to pursue in tracking it down would be great. It has to be out there somewhere; I remember getting several emails from people who tried it; but again, that was over a decade ago, on an email account long since closed.

Thanks for any help!