*Release* Rift Macro Discussion

Shoal07 wrote:

cast Nature’s Touch (6sec cooldown, always want to cast when available)
cast Ruin (15 sec cooldown, instant)
cast Nature’s Fury (8 sec cooldown)
cast Vile Spores (default bolt for class, no cooldown)

This macro works like a charm, and helps me heal WAY better. Now I'd like one for my DPS specs. Necro is out of the question, it just won't work. So, I'm looking at pyro.

Single Target:
cast Inferno (Instant, Situational: <30% health, 10 sec cooldown)
cast Flame Bolt (Instant, 8 sec cooldown)
cast Burn (Instant, 50 sec cooldown, disarm enemy for 5 secs)
cast Countdown (Instant, 8 sec cooldown, DOT)
cast Flame Bolt (1.4 sec cast, spammable)

Cinder Burst isn't in the list because it's a 6sec cast/30 sec cooldown. Since it takes so long, I usually only cast it when I have "opportunity" or when my fire shield procs it as an insta-cast. Should I put it in the list anyway?

cast Lockdown (Instant AOE, 45 sec cooldown)
cast Backdraft (Instant AOE, 30 sec cooldown)
cast Fire Storm (Instant AOE, Channeled)

I'm surprised how many macros I can actually make for a Pyro, and how well they should (in theory) work. This should help my DPS, especially my AOE DPS, which involves a lot of click here -> click there, which can screw things up.

I'm a level 27 Cleric...Thunderer? It's mostly Shaman points.

Anyway, here's a macro I use-

******LEVEL 27 TOON!! lol******
#show Ride the Lightning
cast Ride the Lightning (skipped if in melee range)
cast Glacial Shield (skipped if on CD)
cast Massive Blow (skipped if on CD)
cast Bolt of Radiance (skipped if on CD)
cast Jolt (skipped if on CD)
cast Waterjet (the Spam)

Separately, I keep Lightning Hammer up (max damage dealt when you let it run its full bleed), and Hammer of Duty when at 4 convictions.
It seems like Jolt may be causing me to lose dps though...

Without Jolt:avg 225-235
With Jolt: avg 215-225

I dunno. I know DPS isn't critical at level 27, but I thought I'd share anyway.