MLB 2k11 (Only)

Anyone still interested in getting a small tournament going to see how things go? Madblitz and I played a game and it was fun. He beat me 4-1. It took him only a few innings to get his power swing down and then hit some nice deep shots including 2 home runs . But good bb stats: he had 6 hits to my 4. We basically did what Swampy and I did, I.e.we always tried to throw strikes, because of the very early commitment one had to make on-line. Off speed pitches in the strike zone were tough enough.

Anyway, anyone up for it?

Jay' got ahold of me and said he's interested if we can move the sliders in such a way to slow down the pitch speed. Which I'm for if it can be made much like the SP speed. (I thought sliders couldn't be adjusted with on-line play, at least in the pass one couldn't. So if we can I'm all for it!)

I was looking at the options for setting up a tournament or online league, and there is an option to use custom sliders and the ability to tweak any of them that you can in the offline game. In particular, if we can get pitch speed down, it might make for some great play. I have pitch speed set to 75 in my offline game. What I propose is that we experiment a little. We can try 0, and then 20, 30 and so on. The lag may still be inconsistent enough to not matter, but there is a chance we could play with balls and strikes, as pitch speed is probably set at 50 by default. I think we have room to work here.

By the way, I have played a ton of games over the last day or two, and have gotten used to some sliders based on Blazzen's over at OS. I've been having just fantastic games offline with these. I bumped up the contact a bit, and its taken power at 90 to start seeing home runs for me or the CPU.

My house rules for using power wing is to wait for 2-0 and 3-1 counts. I will also use it with with my 3-6 hitters (or any legitimate power guy) with 2 outs, no one in scoring position, and less than two strikes. Otherwise, I use the contact swing.

I pitch to catcher suggestions, but this is not necessary. It's mostly quicker, and I feel like a do a better job of moving in and out of the zone based on what the catcher calls. You can use IE and really come up with a gameplan for each hitter, too. I do aim on the lower half of the zone regardless if the pitch is a sinker or curve ball. So if the box is up, I just aim under it to a spot that makes sense.

Last night I had one great game in which I tied the game in the top of the ninth, only to let the dodgers come back in the bottom of the ninth and get men on base. So after tagging Broxton for a run, it actually had him bat with guys in scoring position in a tie game in the ninth. So I switched sides and inserted a PH and and switched back to continue. It cast me the game, but I think stuff like this will alleviate the occasional blunder. In six games or so, this was the only time I needed to do this.

Fatigue: 50
Injury Frequency: 25

User Batting:
Batting Contact 40
Batting Power 90
Bunt Contact 40
Bunt Success 40
Batter Eye Frequency 40

User Pitching:
Pitch Meter Speed 75
Pitch Speed 75
Pitch Break Influence 50
Pitcher Composure Influence 25
Pitcher Control 40

User Fielding:
Throw Accuracy 25
Gather Error Frequency 75
Throwing Error Frequency 75
Outfielder Throw Speed 60
Infield Throw Speed 60
Outfield Run Speed 25
Infield Run Speed 25

User Running:
Base Runner Speed 40
Pick Off Success 40
Catcher Arm Strength 60
Catcher Arm Accuracy 50

CPU Batting
Batting Contact 40
Batting Power 90
Bunt Contact 75
Bunt Success 75

CPU Pitching
Pitch Speed 75
Pitch Success 85
Strike Zone Tendency 40
Pitch Break Influence 50
Pitcher Composure Influence 25

CPU Fielding
Gather Error Frequency 75
Throwing Error Frequency 75
Outfield Throw Speed 60
Infield Throw Speed 60
Outfield Run Speed 25
Infield Run Speed 25

CPU Running:
Base Runner Speed 40
Hit N Run Tendency 100
Sacrifice Bunt Tendency 75
Squeeze Tendency 50
Base Running Aggression 100
Steal Aggression 65
Catcher Arm Strength 60
Catcher Arm Accuracy 40

We've been discussing over at OS how some guys are starting to really get batted round late in game. This was a suggestion I posted in Bigfnjoe's slider thread that I thought might be of interest to a few of you here.

Another thing you should look at is what effort you are still getting out of your pitchers late in the game. That meter gets progressively quicker and harder to nail. But worse, often when you are early, you start seeing 57%'s and 67%'s. Early in the game, it is easy to get 80%+ and 90%+ efforts. But as the meter gets quicker, those rates drop.

When you over throw, it is an automatic 75% effort. This begins happening before you get to your pitch limit, too. If a starter is an 80-97 guy, you might start seeing some issues as early as pitches in the 70's.

I've mentioned it several times already, but spending some time with the pitch analyzer set to Always will reveal some interesting information. I don't think you will need to keep it up always, but there are reasons why pitching is hard. The analyzer is a great tool. So far a week or two, just leave it on all the time, and you might see why your location is off, or hitters are getting better wood on your pitches.

I wish I could say the same for the swing analyzer, but it pretty much just tells me what I already know.

But all of this is a great indication of just how well don the pitching really is now. There is a lot to it. You can then play with the meter off, but you will have a better understanding of what is going on, and how to adjust.

Just today, I turned it on, and saw that my fast balls, the simplest pitch, were hitting just to the right of center nearly every time. And I have a tendency on my cut fast ball, the up and to the left 90 degrees motion, actually pull the stick back to the center when I complete my motion. But it was the horrible efforts I was getting late with Lohse that signaled why those late innings rallies happen. And I had a couple of early 20 pitch innings that had me in a hole early.

the sad thing is, this just makes me want to start an offline season even sooner. I'm really looking forward to managing a bullpen over the course of several weeks. So a game like today can really affect what I can do later, when I burn through my bullpen. But right now, the fatigue bug means that every reliever is 100% for the next game.

Worse yet, after I finish a series, I will then face a team that have normal fatigue effects, while my team is 100% everywhere.

The 2K bugfest never ceases to disappoint. At it sucks the most when you see awesome gameplay just going to waste. I'm just considering this my preseason to learn the ins and outs of the game before starting a season once a patch comes out.

I'll commit you guys - I can find time for a game or two a week .

I'd like the Red Sox - As I think you know I am a legit fan but if you guys feel with their lineup it would not be fair I will go with Cleveland.

Jay: those slider settings r for All-Star? I'm not in ur league ando play at Pro level. I'll give these a shot at Pro. Thanks for the posting. (may on-line is more flexible this year, but is pro de facto, or can u go all-star?...or am I again confusing my info with The Show?)

Donan wrote:

Jay: those slider settings r for All-Star? I'm not in ur league ando play at Pro level. I'll give these a shot at Pro. Thanks for the posting. (may on-line is more flexible this year, but is pro de facto, or can u go all-star?...or am I again confusing my info with The Show?)

In 2K11 the sliders are absolute. The moment you change one, it becomes "Custom." So when you change from Pro to All-Star, the sliders change. So the sliders are just what they are, not based on a level. The nice thing is that they do clue you in on which way will make things easier or harder by showing you how they adjust from level to level.

What I did back in 2K8 to learn the pitching was just play on rookie and leave the pitch analyzer set to always. As I got better, I increased the difficulty to Pro, and then All-Star. It wasn't until then that I really got worried about getting sliders accurate.

Played about 20 innings with Jayhawker's sliders. I like the feel to it. Seem a bit more hits on both sides tho'. Plus need to strengthen outfielders arms. On a number of occasions I hit mid field or less hit's and took extra bases almost every time. I really like that pitcher feel with more balls being pitched.

I also was caught stealing every(!) time. This is with a low bender pitches, with Ichiro or Figgins leaving at moment of pitcher release (very good stealers) . Very frustrating. This happen at least 4-6 times.

Graphic glitches are happening on almost every late throw to first. They have the first basemen just standing about 2 feet from the bag every time. Very weird looking.

Overall I like the feel that these sliders.

I eager to try the suggested change of pitcher speed Jay' suggests in an on-line game to see if it helps.

Upon reflection the games were pretty good. I was Mariners playing at Cleveland. In the first game, Indians had me 8-3, with 13hits to my 7. Mediocre pitchers. Second game went 15 innings which I won 4-3. I had 10 hits to their 8. I used 5 pitchers and they used 3. I kept getting a run and they would tie it at the bottom of the inning. Finally I prevailed. Good game if long.

The Major League Baseball 2K11 patch will be released Wednesday, May 18 on both Xbox Live and PC
Jayhawker wrote:

The Major League Baseball 2K11 patch will be released Wednesday, May 18 on both Xbox Live and PC

Thanks for the tip Jay'. Actually made me check my Facebook (which I don't very often) and a post about my local triple A farm team for the Mariners, Tacoma Raniers are back in town and playing to a rare forecast of warm weather. I think I'll be going to a game!:)

The patch is live for the 360 and PC. PS3 users are screwed. But I think they are used to it by now. You can view the patch notes here.

Of interest to those of us that might want to revisit some online play.

- In the 2nd patch of MLB2K11, we wanted to do more than just address bugs. We've added new technology to create a batting experience online that is lag free. The responsiveness and twitch feels just like that of an offline game, regardless of varying connection speeds. Waiting patiently on an incoming pitch and determining whether it is a ball or a strike before swinging is now a part of the online battle at the plate. We are excited to roll this out as a part of the patch.

That should at least be worth checking out.

I played a few games to day, and I think the game feels good. It's not mentioned in the notes, but check swinging feels like it was tuned much better. I probably held up on nearly a dozen pitches, and was able to nearly every time I tried. It was much easier.

Yo could definitely tell that you were getting more ground balls over soft liners, and that was nice.

I had a CPU runner take third on a hard single to RF that I did not expect. I had gotten used to the CPU being more conservative. This is going to show off the throw skill, too. I got the throw in time, but it was offline, and the guy slid in safe.

They added options for auto-fielding and auto-running. I thought this was kind of funny, as people railed on 2K for fielding feeling too automatic last season. As I predicted, once they let the user fail to make a play, the calls came for auto-fielding like they have in The Show. I think the base-running controls are the best I have ever used, and see no need to let the CPU take over. But it's there.

The fatigue bug is fixed, and I could not be more excited. Unfortunately this seems to be a franchise mode only feature. Every pitcher is available for any MLB today game you play. And every player is at full rest. I was hoping for some tired players forcing me to play bench guys and to have some relievers as unavailable. But it was cool to see Yadier Molina with a green rating showing that he is an 80 rated hitter right now, as he has been hot lately.

But the fatigue feature, along with hot and cold streaks, really ha me excited to give a season a good run. I will probably play some playoff match-ups first, though.

Well if you want to give it another go, I'm willing (but not as commissioner). I will have to get use to MLB again after playing allot of, The Show, but it would be fun if the patch is a success. (my time is getting crunched too, for I'm playing iOOTP; playing Strat-O-Matic with my brother (using GameChanger for stat keeping, going to games and talking allot of baseball on several forums. I only wish I could remember something! lol.)

And of course, there is something called, what, ahhhh, oh yea! RL

ps. Oh yes, and I do have a new box for a replacement of the one that broke. Cracked me up how apologetic MS was that is had to be a new box. Sounded fine to me! (in a suspicious kinda way)

So hey... with the patch, how does MLB 2k11 stack up to previous entries in the series? I still have 2k7, and would like to upgrade to a more recent entry, maybe 2k9, 2k10, or 2k11. Of those, which is the best one? It's not a clear-cut decision from the reviews of each that I've read, so I'd rather trust some of the more baseball-sim guys here instead.

Farscry wrote:

So hey... with the patch, how does MLB 2k11 stack up to previous entries in the series? I still have 2k7, and would like to upgrade to a more recent entry, maybe 2k9, 2k10, or 2k11. Of those, which is the best one? It's not a clear-cut decision from the reviews of each that I've read, so I'd rather trust some of the more baseball-sim guys here instead. :D

The patch makes the game pretty much a 9/10 for me. Seriously, it is playing fantastic now.

There is one big caveat. The new patch did bring a new bug. When playing you games in franchise, the players on DL do not lose games off their injury or DL stay. If you sim, it works perfectly. The workaround has been to send the injured player to the minors in order to put them on the DL. This works pretty easily, and the net result is the same.

This has become my favorite baseball game of all time now. I say that as a non-PS3 owner, but it beats out MVP 05, High Heat, and even FPS BBPro. It is a deep, fun game to play, that ends up being as good if you ust pick up and play games randomly.

there is no doubt that this is leaps and bounds better than 2K9 and 2K10, which each had its share of issues. I liked both of them. But 2K11 finally feels like the game I kept thinking was coming when they started on 2K8.

Online play is an interesting case, though. I finally played part of a random pub game last night. I only got through 4 or 5 innings before my wife needed to talk. But the pitching and hitting are nearly perfect. You shouldn't have any problem taking pitches, and swingng at strikes with the default settings now.

But they seem to have some weird netcode making it work. So sometimes it works, but it feels off. It's hard to explain. They are definitely forcing the action. But the batter/pitcher batter has never been more fun online. It just feels and looks a little uglier than it should at times. But it's a fun game.

I hit a HR with Pujols, of course. I have no idea why anyone would pitch ti him in this game. He is a beast. After 4 or 5, I was up 4-2. I was definitely hitting better, and had drawn a couple of walks.

I also tried out the My Player for the first time this year today. I got through five games with my minor leaguer, Jay Hawker. It feels like I left it on a little too easy. I'm 2-1, but I have 25-Ks in 26 innings, and just one walk. I am not that accurate normally, so I think I need to make sure the difficulty rating gets set right. I have an ERA of about 1.75, and WHIP less than .80.

But I really like how you allocate points to build up you pitcher. I can build up his stamina and composure. You can also build up you effectiveness vs. RH or LH hitters. When you build up you pitches, you allocate points to a pitches speed, movement, and control. You are eligible to be promoted one you have these basics up to 60-65, depending on the rating. Most start out around 50.

I got to select three pitches. I went with fastball, slider and change to be pretty basic. For 2000 points, I can buy a new pitch. Most games net you from 350-750 points. But right now I am just plowing points into my ratings.

I can't control when I get pulled. I've been pitching well enough that I am getting deep into the game and actually going a past my maximum pitch counts. that left me with a maximum of just 46 pitches in my last game. When you get close to your max, your control and effectiveness really takes a hit. I'm trying tp put as many of my points into stamina as I can.

From MLB Today for play now games, My Player, and a well done franchise mode, I think there is a lot of bang for your buck here.

Sounds great Jay'. Hope to catch you on-line to see how the pitcher/batter routines work (so you don't have to play with sliders anymore?) May playing days might be coming to an end, and just simiming will be my future. My ole' thumb is starting to really bother me. Arrgghh! But not quite yet!

Thank you very much for the detailed commentary, Jayhawker. You answered my question pretty effectively. The online play is completely not a concern for me, so it sounds like MLB 2k11 (I don't have a PS3 so The Show isn't an option for me) is definitely the one I'm looking for.

I had not played much 2K11 lately, as my time has been almost all NCAA 12. so last night I decided to take in an MLB Today game. I have to tell you, the mode really begins to shine late into the season.

For starters, the commentary early on talked about how the Cardinals had won last night, but really needed to get a win streak going if they want to get back into the race. Plus the stat overlays talked about the last month of play as well as season stats. I had two players, Holliday and freeze, who were on hot streaks, so they had a bump in ratings. They also mentioned players coming over in trades. It's just a great presentation and use of all the data available online to give the game a real feel of being played right now. It's totally worth checking out.

the game was good, as I took a tough 6-1 loss to Pittsburgh. I had a 1-0 lead when the Pirates pulled off a fantastic squeeze play to tie the game. I didn't see it coming, but it made perfect sense. I paid for taking my starter out early as Scrabble pitched one great inning, but let the first two hitters he faced in the ninth get on. With men on first and third and no one out, I had to get McClellen into the game, even though he was not 100% ready. It seemed to work, as he got a K and pop-out. But then the hits came came. And came. Five 8th inning runs made for a pretty brutal loss. But then, that's how the the games have been going for the Cards lately.

Still think this is a great, great game.

Anyone up for a tournament of playoff teams?

I call Cardinals!