WoW - Blackhand Realm - All Players - A request...

This is a bit of a selfish thread, but I'm looking for some Cata gear for my Druid, who is close to hitting 78. Might I ask that you check your greens before sending them off to be DE'd? I will gladly compensate anyone what they deem reasonable.

Here are the following items I'm looking for (all leather, where applicable) and the mobs and zones where they are most likely to drop:

  • Mosshide Bindings - Blackfin in Vash'jir - Kelp'thar
  • Mosshide Boots - Zin'jatar Raider in Vash'jir Kelp'thar
  • Mosshide Britches - Zin'jatar Raider in Vash'jir Kelp'thar
  • Mosshide Gloves - Twilight - Infiltrator, Vanquisher, Subjugator, Stormcaller, Inferno Lord. Deep Corrupter, Wormwing Screecher, Forgemaster Pyrendius, Gar'gol, Leyden Copperkleist - Mount Hyjal
  • Mosshide Hood - Nemesis, Horrorguard, Dark Iron Laborer - Mount Hyjal
  • Mosshide Waistband - Deep Corrupter, Forgemaster Pyrendius, Dark Iron Laborer, Shadowflame Master - Mount Hyjal

    Non-Armor items:

  • Swamplight Amulet - Of the Bouldercrag, Of the Beast, Of the Landslide, - Twilight Subjugator, Wormwing Screecher, Dark Iron Laborer - Mount Hyjal, Azsh'ir Soldier - Shimmering Expanse in Vash'jir
  • Swamplight Ring - Of the Bouldercrag, Of the Beast, Of the Landslide, - Enslaved Horde Pearl Miner - Shimmering Expanse in Vash'jir, Wormwing Swifttalon, Twilight Subjugator, Wormwing Screecher in Mount Hyjal

You can contact me on either my main toon, Narayan, or the druid, Naradrood, if you are interested.

Thank you in advance!

I intend to work on farming these up myself a bit as well, so I will update this as I acquire the items in question.