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I will be around for a while. I enjoyed the game immensely pre release and I see a ton of potential for it, dependant on how the development team takes and matures on the concept and vision in place now.

I see the game as being in it's infancy, and as such, i'm not going to go ranting and gnashing my teeth or griping about small stuff. And I see class balance as small stuff overall. Every MMO I've played for 12+ years has had constant and ongoing class balance tweaks. I figure rift does and will, too. I'd honestly be more upset if the classes were not in flux.

With rift, I'm happy to be in at ground level on another MMO, and I'm looking forward to growing with the game and being part of the community at large to see it prosper and grow.

I am in for the next several months. I will roll with Rift and SWTOR for my MMO fixes. Loving Rift when my schedule permits.

Pending any major changes with SW being absolutely, mind shattering phenomenal, or RIFT collapsing in on itself like a star collapsing into a black hole ...

I will not be looking at SW at all, and have no plans at this time.

I'm doing the 6 month sub as well, so I'll be around as much as I can. Once i get on my new schedule with work things will settle down and i will be on more regularly.

Khoram wrote:

I chose the 6 month plan so I can pay $9.95 a month. It doesn't sound like much of a difference, really, but for some reason it makes a large psychological difference to me. So I will definitely be around after the first month :)

I chose this option when I first signed up, as well, but I think I may switch to a monthly sub. Despite a few nagging issues I really like Rift, but my gaming time is at a premium and I recently resumed playing another mmo (no, not WoW), plus there are an obscene amount of single-player games coming out this year that I'm looking forward to. Also: Minecraft. I don't know if I'm ready to make a 6 month commitment to a new game, yet. I still have two weeks to make up my mind, I guess.

Depending on the schedules i'll be moving on to SWTOR,BF3, or Secret World.

I'm in for 6 months at least.

I'm in for 6 months too. If I am having half the fun I am having now, I'll keep my subscription going after that.

krev82 wrote:

I'm curious what the retention rate (% who go on to pay for a subscription) will be with Rift now that the end of the free month is nearing. Judging from the official forums it doesn't look terribly promising overall. How about in our community though?

I would really take official forum drama with a grain of salt. It's not indicative of anything. Judge by what you see in game, not what you read.

Kehama wrote:

Seems like Rift was released at just the right time though.

Pretty much this. All the other MMO's I'm interested in won't be released until the end of the year at the earliest, so I have a nice window of several months to enjoy the game at a leisurely pace.

Had a really nice IT run yesterday with guildies barata, chaosun, and vele. (Forgive me guys if I got the spelling wrong) It was my second time running IT but the first time I was rushed by some high 20's and a 30 tank so it was a completely different experience. I tried to give a heads up on a few dungeon events but there were some deaths caused by my not getting things quite right.

Still it was a great experience over all and that non guildie healer was good. My bard made some things a little easier for him (like the death stones) but there where times where it was only him standing between us and wiping in rapid fashion.


massively.com wrote:

RIFT is about to pass the one-month mark, and Trion's fantasy title is marking the occasion with an update that's bringing a good bit of new content to the war-torn world of Telara. Beginning on March 30th, Regulos the Destroyer is taking the gloves off, and Ascended heroes will have "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a key moment in the game's history," according to a Trion press release.

Alsbeth the Discordant will lead invasions across every Telaran zone, and players who brave the hordes will earn hundreds of new items (including exclusives like a spectral horse and transmogrifying disguises). Trion also tells us that once these rifts are sealed, the unique loot items will never again be available.

The update is also bringing a new 20-man raid zone to RIFT, and the River of Souls encounter will test the mettle of Guardians and Defiants alike as they battle Alsbeth's undead minions and attempt to bring the fallen mage to justice.


New to Rift and really enjoying it. I would reallly like a guild invite: IGN: Anchor (Cleric) on Shatterbone.
The starting area for the defiants was really awesome. I also really like the leveling system and soul system. Question: Will I get to pick souls from other classes. So far I have been able to add two additional souls but they have been from my class. How many souls, skill trees, do I get to have at one time?

You can only have souls for that class on that character. You can set up different roles for that character (soul combos) that you can switch to out if combat, but again, for that char it is the same class.

Join the gwjers channel in game and ask for an invite and we certainly oblige you.

Edit: what is so cool about class systems is the flexibility and variety of the system. I have a super dps role and a full bard that does awesome healing. We haveclerics that have tanking roles and there is a good Magellan healing combo also!

I am really enjoying my now lvl 21 Necro. The damage and survivability is very high, IMO. The pets don't act like complete idiots, and they actually can hold aggro.

Been wanting to try out Rift since I never got into the beta. But just not sure if I should put down $50 in case I hated it.

Any of you care to pass me an "Ally key" for this weekend's Invite your friends to play weekend. I'd much appreciate it.


Be happy too as soon as I receive one. Odd haven't heard of this before.

Balthezor wrote:

Any of you care to pass me an "Ally key" for this weekend's Invite your friends to play weekend. I'd much appreciate it.

I'd like one too if anyone has a spare, been wanting to try this one out before I pulled the trigger.

Code acquired.

Balthezor, PM me if you still need one. In fact, it seems that there are keys that are good for 25 uses up for grabs according to their facebook status.

I just started skimming the thread to see if RIFT was cool...if there's extra invites around, I'd love to see first hand.

And I s'pose it would be good to know if there's separation between U.S. and Europe, so I know if I can play with ya'll or not.

I'm going to go ahead and jump in to see if there are any extra trial keys out there. Polypusher started playing last week but couldn't figure out how to get a code for me.

This sounds like a fun game, and I really like the idea of lots of different ways to play a given class. I'm looking at a Bard character right now, but I also like doing loads of damage really fast so maybe some Mage research is in order. It's also interesting how quickly the Rift support sites (Rifthead, I'm looking at you) popped up. I'm a WoW raider looking for another fun MMO to play, so yeah! If anyone wishes to part with a code, I'd be much obliged!

Just as an FYI Curse is giving away keys for both EU and NA

Excellent! Got the curse key. Thanks for the tip. Bard incoming!

krev82 wrote:

Just as an FYI Curse is giving away keys for both EU and NA

Thanks Krev!

I got a code, but it seems as you said I must play from EU, and also I must be Allies.
I suppose I'm destined for girly elfhood or something?

p.s. And now I have no idea what it meant by "Allies" as you can still choose whatever faction/race/class you want...

Looks pretty cool so far.

In the Launcher's Settings screen, you can change your region. I think you could reach the NA servers that way.

Yeah Roo come play with us, it isn't flying choppers but it will do.


This is off-topic from RIFT, but I'm active in the guild, so wanted to share -

I was on CBS this morning in a segment about board games. You can see it at http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?...

See ya online!

Rhimshot / Meeple

An interesting piece. Not sure I cared for the gamer in basement opener. I'd like Mr. Rocca to deploy several times and meet some of my fellow military gamers and reevaluate his comment.
I reLly have to go to Gen Con at some point especially sine I have family and property just an hour away.

Hey there guys. This game has been picking up some really nice buzz, and I'm thinking about finding a new game to sink some hours in.

A few questions (pardon for filthy skimmering):

1) Shards (servers) are distributed by zone (NA and Europe). If I purchase a single game key, is it zone locked? Or can I have characters on both sides of the Atlantic?

2) Assuming my key is zone locked, is playing with a 200-300 ms ping doable, or should be outright avoided?

3) Aside from style, both factions are identical, right? WAR had some seriously bad balance issues due to both sides being somewhat different.

4) Can the game be played in chunks? I usually don't have big blocks of free time. 20 mins here, 1 hour there. This means that playing with regular groups without previous scheduling is a big no no. However, can I still enjoy the game? Does the Rift mechanic take a lot of time to experience? What about the PvP? Can I head there much like I go to a FPS server and have fun fragging people and doing objectives?

5) Is an European GWJ contingent playing?